National Geographic Pushes Child Abuse

By: American Decency Staff

Kids will believe pretty much anything you tell them.

You tell them their dead pet is frolicking on a farm in the country? They believe you.

Tell them a fat man slides down a filthy chimney once every year to leave them toys? They believe you.

Tell them a tiny woman in a tutu pays them for their missing teeth? They believe you.

Tell them they can be whatever gender they want to be? They believe you.

And then they end up on the cover of National Geographic.

That’s nine year old Avery Jackson’s story. With his parents’ support, he’s been living as a girl since he was just five years old.

And to top it all off, National Geographic chose this portrait of a poor, confused young boy to, in part, make the point that, “In many places girls are uniquely at risk.” (Emphasis mine.)

What better way to highlight the unique risks of girls than to focus on a boy who wishes that he was one?

Why not focus on Afghani girls whose faces are disfigured from having acid thrown on them simply because they want to go to school?

Or how about the Indian girl they mention in their article who wishes she could be a boy, not because her mother is a transgender rights activist, but because she wants to be a doctor and she doesn’t see that as a possibility for a girl.

Conservative Muslim genital mutilation? Black market surgery in an attempt to fit into a cultural norm of beauty? Sex selective abortion in places like China? Yazidi sex slaves in the hands of ISIS?

With this cover story, National Geographic not only encourages the delusion of this poor kid and others like him, but they skip over countless stories of actual suffering, unique to females, which deserve real attention and outrage.

Avery’s story deserves outrage too, not because of any roadblocks to his “transition” to female, but because his parents and many in our society are encouraging it.

This is irresponsible and dangerous to the child’s well being, but you don’t have to take that from me.

No one would know better than Walt Heyer, who de-transitioned from his female alter ego after eight years of living as a woman.

“Studies have shown that childhood gender dysphoria does not inevitably continue into adulthood. An overwhelming 77 to 94 percent of gender dysphoric children do not become adults with gender dysphoria. Given this, it’s social, medical, and psychological malpractice to push young children to lop off or sew on body parts and take highly charged cross-sex hormones that can further destabilize their prepubescent bodies and minds, especially when they are highly likely to regret what grown adults pushed them into before they were able to sort through such life-altering decisions..”

With this cover story, National Geographic not only gives short shrift to real challenges for girls around the world, but it encourages this kind of abuse against young people.

May God protect vulnerable young people from the lies of the gender revolution.

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