America, Sacking the NFL

By: American Decency Staff


Like Target’s numbers plummeting over the transgender bathroom issue, the NFL has been hit hard by the mass exodus of patriotic fans. Many conservatives are taking a stand against this one-time American behemoth that now takes a knee—dishonoring the flag and America’s sons and daughters who gave life and limb defending our freedoms.

Some say, “Kneeling is a sign of reverence,” but from its unpatriotic inception, we were told this was their way of “speaking out” against America and her injustices. Others want to label those who disagree with “taking a knee” as racists. How are you going to label the thousands of conservative people of all colors “racists” for intercepting your pass on patriotism?

Like many consumer businesses that think there is no correlation between the social stands they take and their bottom line, the NFL has forgotten that they depend upon the American people to purchase their product.

When the American people tune out from their unpatriotic entertainment, good for America!

It’s encouraging to see large numbers of Americans that have a conscience and that show some righteous indignation, standing against that which brings further divisiveness to our society. Good for people who recognize that the actions of a sports “hero” affect those who are young and are willing to say no to their “flesh,” refusing in masses to go see their once favorite football team.

America, keep standing for those who have defended and are defending your freedom. These soldiers give up many comforts of home for us; we can give up a few for them.

Write to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at:

National Football League
280 Park Ave FL 12
New York, NY  10017-1220  

A short sample letter might include: (feel free to copy, paste, print and send)

Dear Mr. Goodell:

It’s clear that you’ve picked sides in a divisive issue that has nothing to do with football. It’s also clear that the American people have responded to your allowance of players disrespecting our national emblem, anthem, and the men and women who have fought and died under that banner and the nation which our flag represents.

No nation is perfect; but divisive actions don’t bring healing—only further division and hurt.

You are in the unique position to use your authority—and fulfill your duty—to require all players representing the NFL to stand for our national anthem, thereby moving the focus from division to unity and to the sport. I urge you to do this very thing or risk the further alienation of even more fans.

Your own New Orleans Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees, says it well, “…if you are an American the national anthem is an opportunity for us all to stand up together, to be unified and show respect for our country and to show respect for what it stands for.”


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