Worship Christ or family this Christmas Sunday?

By: American Decency Staff


These last few months have brought many interesting discussions around our table at American Decency Association as we have met most every morning, discussing the concerns of the day and following discussion up with prayer. 

Like many, we were concerned that America was on the verge of losing its freedom of religion and speech and virtually all of our rights as granted in our Constitution.

It seems we have been granted mercy, for we recognize that America is deserving of God’s judgment.

But it seems that God heard the prayers of His people.

A pastor whom I highly regard who speaks across the country stated that he believes that he never heard such calling out to God across this land as in the months before the election. 

However, concerns remain – and they are big concerns.

One such concern that has been regularly articulated amongst us is regarding the continued spiritual declension of America

Case in point: 

I received a message from a long time friend from Ohio.

He wrote:   

I have heard that some churches in the area are not having Services on Christmas Day. This is not the case at First Missionary Church … we will be having a Special Service that starts at 10 am…”

Similarly, at our church yesterday, the preacher stated that there are churches in the greater Grand Rapids area that are dropping their worship service next Sunday as it falls on Christmas day. 

God help us.  Has it really come down to this, that on a day meant to celebrate the birth of Christ, we forgo a service to worship Him, so that we can rather attend a party or get together? What happened to remembering the “Reason for the Season?”

This is an illustration of America’s greatest problem. The concern of our staff is that rather than crying out to God with humble hearts of gratitude for our Savior, that many are prone to lethargy, casualness, decline, foolishness, and Godlessness. 

Indeed, have we forgotten what God has spared us from?

What has Christ saved these church leaders out of, that a chance to worship Him and celebrate His coming with fellow believers comes second place to drinking eggnog with the in-laws?

And God has spared us from more earthly suffering as well! Consider Aleppo, Syria.  Massive death and dying of innocent people, destruction, persecution.  A city destroyed.

Consider Germany where Chancellor  Merkel has opened the borders to millions of illegal immigrants.  The rapings of young girls and young women, lawlessness, insecurity, injustice reigns.

And so many other matters should bring to tears, but where are our tears?

A President Clinton would have led us closer to these realities, but, of course, we still don’t have a perfect president by any means.

It appears that President Trump won’t pursue investigations regarding Hillary Clinton.      Freedom loving Americans long for justice to reappear in this country after years of living under a fraudulent Justice Department headed by corrupt leaders. 

Wake up Christian! The battle isn’t over.  It’s only just begun.  Watch and pray.  Trump has been elected President and this battle clearly includes those whom he places in such key positions as Secretary of State (such as his very concerning appointee Rex Tillerson).

But this spiritual warfare needs to include self-examination.  What better time for this than Christmas time. 

This is a time for all true believers to examine our own hearts.  God help us.  We are so hard-hearted.  As Spurgeon says, “hard as marble”. 

I fear for America.  This election, though it may give a reprieve, will only be a short-term reprieve if many of us don’t turn or return to God – our only hope. 

We need true repentance – we desperately need repentance and most of us don’t know how to get there. May God help us!


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