We Are In A Dogfight!

By: American Decency Staff

 To:  Friends

From: Bill Johnson
Re:  About this prayer letter
Date:  December 23, 2016

About this prayer letter –

We need prayer!    

I wrote the following to our board yesterday:

“It has been an interesting year to say the least.  From my own standpoint, I feel a little more tattered and worn from the seemingly relentless pressures of decision making, communication, event planning, seeking God’s will, forward-looking regarding finances, etc. 

… So though giving at this point has been very similar to last year our expenses have been greater.”

Why are our expenses higher?  Mainly because we needfully added one full-time staff person which included insurance for him and his family. 

With the strong giving of last year finishing up with a solid foundation to start the year (2016), we have believed that we would – by God’s grace – be able to handle the increase in payroll and insurance  expenses. 

Though giving has been similar to last year at this point, we have roughly $30,000 less in all our funds compared to last year. 

With only five more days left in the calendar year whereby we receive mail, we are concerned. 

One of our staff members has stated they would be willing to take a reduction in salary to keep our staff at present capacity. I, too, am prepared to do the same.

Is our ministry, worth supporting?  We believe so, but we recognize there are many needs beyond our own. 

Last year over the last weeks of 2015 we received gifts totaling $30,000.  May God help us finish with strong support that not only strengthens us for launching into a new year, but encourages us as we complete an active year of ministry and prepare for the year that is upon us.

We are in a dog fight!  The enemy is strong.  

Your prayers are needed!


Our calendar in the first 35 days of 2017. 

Friday, February 3, 2016.  Dr. Joel Beeke speaking on:  “Needed: Genuine Prayer and Repentance”

We think you would agree.  Repentance is needed and Dr. Beeke is burdened to share the heart and mind of Christ on this.

We also tentatively plan on showing a movie of warning and exhortation in January (date to be announced)  – “The Enemy Within” produced by Trevor Loudon.

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We have attached a summary sheet sharing highlights of our work in 2016.


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