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By: American Decency Staff


The grass withers the flower fades but the word of our Lord endures forever.  

I recently attended the funeral of a dear Christian woman – a prayer warrior – who left behind her godly husband of 60 years along with fifteen grandchildren and soon, with the addition of a new arrival, fifteen great-grandchildren.  She leaves a beautiful legacy of love, faith, endurance, integrity, friendship, godliness, faithfulness.

She and her husband have blessed us in many ways – both as dear friends and supporters of this ministry.  Our heart breaks as we seek to find ways and words to help.

Sometimes words seem so cheap, so incomplete.  Some of you have given to this ministry for many years, and I have never even been able to meet you face to face.  Yet, you give month after month and year after year!    You have become precious to me and to us here at ADA and we are so grateful for you!  

Then on occasion, because grass withers and the flowers fade, we receive a card or a note from a loved one saying that someone precious to us has passed away.  Sometimes a person calls to say they are going to have to discontinue their support due to a serious health issue or change in income status.  We are saddened but ever so grateful for caring, Godly, faithful, generous people!  

Back in 1987 when we were seeking God’s face as to whether to leave my full-time teaching position to go into ministry, I was told by older men and women of the faith (like I am now) that if God calls, He will supply!   

God has supplied, and He has poured out His Holy Spirit into my heart filling me with desire, hope, grace, renewed vigor and a thirst to serve that passes understanding – at least my understanding. 

God gave us a calling and He has provided again and again and again.

But make no mistake.  It hasn’t always been without trials and tribulations, including seasons of financial testings when it seemed that we were going to need to cut staff or not get paid.

We have had times like this in the past.  A number of years ago a couple of us declined pay to make sure that our bills were first paid. 

Then, in due season, God opened the flood gate and we received back pay after all bills were paid. 

Now after years of not experiencing such a financial situation, we again find ourselves in a similar position.

I say this to also say that due to very strong giving last December, we were so strengthened that we only sent one appeal letter out all year long whereas typically we send at least two to help bolster times of decline in giving that inevitably come over a 12 month period. 

That strong support, too, was especially helpful as we added one full-time staff person at the beginning of this year who has filled a vital role in our ministry.  Therefore salary and insurance increased our need for continued strong support throughout the year. 

As I stated earlier, we have seen the hand of God repeatedly in this ministry – often at the eleventh hour.  Well, this is the eleventh hour.

I have often stated at such times, that if the time comes when financial support is no longer there, then that would indicate that God is taking His hand off from this ministry and calling us into a different direction. Paying bills, salaries, etc. is a reflection of integrity bringing Glory and Honor to God by the way we do business.

Is this such a time?   Have we lost the presence, power, and affirmation of God?    I don’t think so.  

Please join with us in praying, asking what God would have you do in regard to our ministry calling here at American Decency Association.

If you believe that God would have you stand with us financially, it would be a great blessing to me and our staff to receive His affirmation as expressed through strong to very strong giving from a large number of friends of this ministry from Michigan and throughout our embattled, but beloved, America. 

The four years ahead of us will most likely look very different from what we’ve been used to for the last eight years under a government which has grown increasingly hostile to traditional morality. We are encouraged to have a president who will not be a threat to our religious liberty and will stand with us on some conservative issues. We are hopeful and prayerful that something can finally be done about our leaky borders and our counterintuitive national security, but we’re under no illusions that having a president more friendly to our way of thinking suddenly means that our decadent culture is suddenly transformed or that our entrenched corrupt officials are suddenly honest.

The average Christian and conservative has much work to do in winning hearts and minds for Truth! By God’s grace and with His help and His people’s help, it is our desire to continue to warn, rebuke, exhort, and encourage those with whom we have influence to work for Christ in building His kingdom – from the bottom up!

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We have attached a summary sheet sharing highlights of our work in 2016.


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