Can God Still Wake Us Up?

By: American Decency Staff

Yesterday I sat down with three other men to discuss PRAYER and our need for God’s help!

There were even some tears shed at our time together as we recognize the darkness that increasingly has fallen upon our great land. 

Do you share our concern that our America is heading downward – spiritually and morally and otherwise?

As David Mathews, author of 'I Saw the Welsh revival notes,"Throughout the world there are now many thousands of devout Christians yearning passionately for a great spiritual awakening, convinced that only a mighty effusion of the Holy Spirit among the tormented nations can produce the turning point in the history of this distracted planet. "

Because of our concerns, we are hosting an event at our headquarters to have author, former pastor, and speaker Dr. Terry Slachter speak to us and lead in a time of discussion and prayer.

“Having a speaker on prayer and  reawakening?”  That is not a typical topic for American Decency Association.

Yes. PRAYER – with God’s help!

On page 3 of our January newsletter there is an article written by Dr. Terry Slachter entitled:  “What Happens When an Entire Generation Forgets?”

Are you concerned for America? For your children? Your grandchildren?

Gwen R.Shaw said this in the forward to David Matthews' book:  “One day as I was walking around the Kremlin in Moscow, I looked around at the half-dozen churches that still stand there from pre-revolution times, and I remembered the love of God’s children of yesterday in Russia for their God.  I had wondered for years why it was that Russia became the cradle of Communism.  That day God spoke to me and answered the question.  He said “My daughter, when the enemy comes in like a flood, it is ONLY the SPIRIT of God that will up the standard against him.”

"It only takes a spark to get a fire going," goes the old campfire song.

 If at all possible, come.  There is a lot at stake. Darkness is advancing.   Your presence will bless others and you will be blessed by this timely presentation and discussion.

Please mark your calendar and come out for:

What:  “Could Another Great Awakening Happen in 21st Century America?”

When:  Friday, January 16, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Who:  Dr. Terry Slachter, Executive Director of Project Phillip and Project Philip Publishing

Where:  American Decency, 203 E. Main Street, Fremont, MI

Contact information:  231-924-4050

Or email

One more quote from Shaw: 

Then God showed me how that when the Communist take-over took place God was watching.  The enemy thought that America would be next for take-over and then Great Britain, … but God! Yes, God got there ahead of time!  First he poured out the Holy Spirit in 1904 in Wales and then in 1906 in Azusa Street, Los Angeles, California.  This stopped the “flood of iniquity” for a time.  Then God told me, “But if another soul-searching, life-changing Holy Ghost revival does not come again, the next time the enemy will succeed, and a blanket of atheism and godlessness will take over these lands. …

[All quotes above taken from “I Saw the Welsh Revival” by David Matthews]

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