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By: American Decency Staff

December already.    Don’t you wonder where the time goes?  We sure do!  The pace of life quickens, and the times are not so easy either. 

I’m writing this note to tell you about a match challenge that you may be willing to help us with.  With the busyness and pulls of our day, we know that you can’t do everything, and you sure can’t support every cause that comes along.  Yet, as we hope you have appreciated our ministry emphases over the years, we thought you might want to know about a straightforward match challenge we have received.  We hope you can help us.   Here are the details:

An anonymous donor has extended a match challenge of $10,000
for those who have never given or haven’t given since 2013.

Please consider this important match challenge request.

This challenge and offer is written by an anonymous donor:

After much prayer and evaluation we have decided to offer a match up to $10,000 for all new givers (someone who hasn’t given since 12/31/13) who give in response to a matching appeal between now and 12/31/15. 

Please prayerfully consider and stand with us as generously as God leads.  

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At this writing, we are still nearly $7,000 short of reaching the goal with a deadline date of December 31, 2015.  Your gift would really help right now as we close out another important year.

As you have read our email alerts over the years, I hope you have seen how God has used our humble efforts.  While not always successful – the world seems to grow more troubled every day – we have strived to be faithful to the calling God has given us.

I sensed the personal presence and power of God early in my Christian life at twenty-three years of age.  That sense of His presence and power has been with me over all of these years since. 

I became concerned long ago that we were well on our way to becoming a reprobate nation – a people that were “exchanging God’s Truth for a lie.”   Events of this past year only confirm that.  Voices for truth are needed now more than ever before.  

We seek your help and affirmation.  We’ve experienced God’s calling and His faithfulness in and through our work.  If you agree with us that our work should continue, please help us with your gift of any amount, as God leads.  

Thanks, friend in Christ!

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