Wiring the World?

By: American Decency Staff


Is Mark Zuckerberg on more than one crusade? Is it just about putting every single human being online?

“Inside Facebook’s Desire to Wire the World”  (December 15, 2014 article Time Magazine)

In recent weeks, I interviewed Steve Ensley, President and Founder of American Family Online.  In the 30 minute interview we discussed privacy and security matters regarding social media which includes such media as Facebook, Google, Twitter and others.

One of the warnings that Steve gave in our interview is his ongoing concern that many politically driven figures behind social media are engaged in data collection that is being transferred into the hands of particular agencies in the federal government. 

You have heard it reported by others that what you place upon Facebook (though you may have  “erased” it) is not lost – it remains out there in cyberspace in one way or another..

Steve’s concern (and I share his concern) is that as the federal government continues to trend leftward and thereby presses against liberty and personal freedom, that the data can be used against any and all voices that oppose their political ideologies:  i.e.  those in support of pro-life, traditional marriage, protecting our borders,  favor a strong and vigilant military.  Our postings can be and one day will be used to find those who identify themselves as pro-constitutional, conservative, and/or Christian. 

Consider the following news article that broke in recent months regarding Yahoo being pressured by the governmentto disclose their data to the National Security Agency – NSA – or face a fine of a quarter million dollars per day if it did not comply.

On Thursday (September 9 , nearly 1,500 pages of legal documents from an unclassified federal court battle regarding the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance programs were revealed to the public. Among the revelations included in those documents was the disclosure of a secret legal battle between the federal government and Yahoo in 2008. The fight reportedly grew so vicious that the government threatened to fine Yahoo a quarter million dollars per day if it did not comply with an order to hand over their private user data. …


Click hereto view my interview with Steve Ensley.

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