The Answer for Ferguson

By: American Decency Staff


Recently, Pastor Voddie Baucham was asked by Fox News to give his views on the happenings at Ferguson.  Being a black pastor, many were expecting him to take the politically correct, racial side, but instead Pastor Baucham spoke to the fact that there has been “a celebration of criminality, an acceptance of criminality and thuggery.” He not only pointed out that this tragedy was based on a criminal act, but also pointed out the great number of black-on-black crimes which regularly take place stating, “The police are not the ones [black people] need to fear; it’s other black people.”

When Pastor Bauchman started to talk about the gospel and the cross he was cut off; when NFL player Benjamin Watson was speaking about Jesus Christ being the answer for Ferguson his feed was mysteriously “lost.”

Why can “Reverends” like Al Sharpton spew their hatred and division without interruption, but others who proclaim the way of love, peace, and unity through the cross of Jesus Christ get cut off, stifling their message?  Make no mistake, Jesus IS the answer for Ferguson and everywhere!

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