Oppose NBC’s agenda-pushing “The New Normal”

By: American Decency Staff

The New Normalis created and produced by Ryan Murphy.  Murphy is the openly gay producer of “Glee,” as well as the perverse cable shows “Nip/Tuck” and “American Horror Story.” 

As is typical of Ryan Murphy, his shows push an agenda and “The New Normal” is no different. 

Murphy once boasted that his goal is to push the envelope until there is no restriction from explicit depictions of sex on network airwaves, stating:  “It’s tough to get that sexual point of view across on television.  Hopefully I have made it possible for somebody on broadcast television to do a rear-entry scene in three years.  Maybe that will be my legacy.”

Murphy bases one of the homosexual characters from The New Normal on himself.   The character Brian, also a TV producer, made a statement on last night’s episode that reveals Murphy’s opinion of himself as he stated:  “I’m a simple television producer that’s changed the world and sets the cultural parameter.”

Sadly, there is truth in that.   The New Normal (as well as Murphy’s other twisted television shows) are having a highly detrimental impact upon our culture.

And mainline companies are empowering these culture-rotting themes with their advertising dollars. 

Last week we listed Planet Fitness as a first time sponsor of The New Normal.  Many of you who contacted the advertisers with our “take action” link may have received the following response back from Planet Fitness.

“Thank you for your e-mail. Planet Fitness is not sponsoring ‘The New Normal’ by any means, and has no affiliation with this program. The only show that Planet Fitness has partnered up with is ‘The Biggest Loser’ which is encouraging America to hit a weight loss goal as a whole. We are sorry for the confusion this has caused anyone.”

Best Regards,

Amy Stewart

Member Relations

Planet Fitness Corporate

We at ADA are very diligent in our monitoring and record keeping of advertisers.  However, a rare mistake can happen.  So we double checked our recording of the show and Planet Fitness was a sponsor of The New Normal.  In addition, Planet Fitness advertised again on last night’s episode!

It’s possible that NBC is having difficulty finding new sponsors for The New Normal and chose to air Planet Fitness’ ad during this show without their knowledge.  If that is the case, Planet Fitness needs to make it clear to NBC that they do not want their name associated with The New Normal.

Other sponsors of last night’s episode include repeat advertisers Campbell’s soup; Pace salsa (also Campbell’s product); Geico; Pantene (Procter & Gamble); Sprint; Nissan; Capital One; and new advertiser Green Mountain Coffee.

Take Action!  Click here to send a message to the sponsors of The New Normal.

The New Normal goes to great lengths to sell viewers on the false claim that a homosexual couple raising a child is not only “normal,” but no different than a traditional family.  As one of the characters opined in last night’s episode:  “… but families look different now.  No matter what their gender, all that matters is being lucky enough to have a partner to count on.”

In the episode the two homosexual men practiced at being a stay at home dad by caring for nine-year-old Shania, (the daughter of their surrogate.)  While the scene was played for laughs, depicting their failure at being stay-at-home dads, to a discerning viewer it only highlighted the fact that two homosexual men can’t replace the role of a mother and a father in a child’s life.

When it comes to parents, it does matter “what their gender” is, and children don’t need two “partners” raising them – but a mother and a father to fulfill those unique roles ordained by God to nurture and guide children – not a man-made imitation.

In addition to the pro-gay ideology foisted upon viewers, The New Normal also crosses the line with offensive verbiage and content. 

In last night’s episode homosexual couple Brian and David host a princess party for 9 year old Shania.  During the party, the girls discover the flavored lubricant from Brian and David’s bedroom used in their homosexual sex acts.  The girls think the lube is strawberry “lotion” as they taste it and use it on themselves.

What a disgusting image!  Children playing with a sexual lubricant used for sodomy and oral sex between two men!

This is what the corporation listed above empower with their sponsorship of The New Normal

Click here to let them know that as long as they support the undermining of your values, you will not support their company.


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