Obama Administration Disregarding Harmful Consequences of Ordering Women Into Direct Ground Combat (Infantry) Battalions

By: American Decency Staff

We here at American Decency Association have a high regard for the work of the Center for Military Readiness and its President

Elaine Donnelly. 


It has become crystal clear that the Obama Administration and its underlings will continue to attack and undermine God and God's Biblical model for men, women, marriage, children and family.   We can anticipate that logical thinking and rationality will be tossed aside so President Obama can unfold his social engineering plan.


Does the NFL deploy women on the playing field in any capacity?  Quarterback, linebacker, receiver?  It's a no brainer isn't it.  Women aren't made for such a high impact, physical sport.  That's not to say they are lesser.  God made them differently than men.   Thank God for that!    Women are equal, but they have different roles. 


Yet, President Obama and his "yes men" will engage them on the battle field as "men".  

They may have their way today.     However, a terrible price will be paid!


I join with others in asking God to change President Obama's heart.  


Below is what the experts have to say:

The following comments are attributed to Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness:

"Following orders from President Barack Obama, lame-duck Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has recklessly announced unilateral nullification of direct ground combat exemptions that are important to the majority of military women who serve in the enlisted ranks.

"Secretary Panetta has excluded Congress and the American people from the decision-making process, and imposed a radical "diversity" agenda on our military without disclosing the data and results of extensive research on the subject of women in land combat that the Marine Corps conducted last year.

"Congress should insist on seeing data gathered during the Marines' research, and conduct immediate oversight hearings before harmful policies imposed by the outgoing Secretary of Defense become de facto law.

"We are hearing assurances that training standards will remain the same, but no matter what is promised now, incremental pressures to assign women to Marine and Army infantry and Special Operations Forces battalions will drive qualification standards down. The same advocates who demand 'career opportunities' in combat are the first to demand unequal, gender-normed standards to make it 'fair.'

"High, uncompromised standards are not compatible with recommendations of the Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC), a largely-civilian Pentagon commission that has called for elimination of women's land combat exemptions in order to promote gender-based 'diversity metrics,' also known as 'quotas'. The Defense Department endorsed the egalitarian concept at a Pentagon news conference on February 9, 2012.

 Such goals can only be achieved by creating a 'critical mass' of women in infantry battalions – the 'sufficient cadre' of female personnel mentioned in the January 9 memo issued by Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey.

 "We are not talking about units operating 'in harm's way,' where women have served with courage. 'Tip of the spear' infantry battalions attack the enemy with deliberate offensive action. Thirty years of studies and reports have shown that in this environment, women do not have an equal opportunity to survive, or to help fellow soldiers survive.


"Congress has the constitutional responsibility to make policy for the military, and they should do so by insisting on a full and public review of data resulting from the multi-phased research project that the Marines conducted in 2012. If data gathered in that research showed that gender 'diversity' would strengthen infantry battalions, surely we would have heard that news by now.

"Despite current denials, training standards will have to be lowered to achieve the desired 'critical mass.' And as we have seen many times before, officials will deny gender-normed standards or disguise them with sophistries pretending that 'equal effort' is the same as 'equal results.'

Gender-norming will not work in infantry battalions, but it will increase resentment and harm team cohesion and morale.  These negative dynamics surely will increase problems of sexual misconduct, across both sides of the spectrum ranging from sexual abuse to inappropriate relationships.

"Career pressures to make this 'work' will vitiate core values, because the military's honorable tradition of recognizing individual merit will have to yield to pressures for 'diversity metrics.' Marine and Army field commanders who desire promotion will be compelled to pursue gender-based quotas by ordering women into direct ground combat (infantry) battalions.

"Before long, commanders will have to implement various types of double standards involving women, known as DSIW. And to avoid soaring injury rates in tough training, challenges for men will be dropped and forgotten, weakening the finest fighting force in the world.

"Rates of sexual misconduct have been getting steadily worse in other military communities. Imposing these problems on infantry battalions will weaken morale and combat readiness even more.  None of this is necessary, since Pentagon records have shown that military women are promoted at rates equal to or faster than men.

"President Obama is misusing his power as Commander in Chief to impose irresponsible, politically motivated social agendas on military leaders who must follow orders. This move, planting the feminist flag on the Pentagon next to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) flag, is not a 'gift' to military women. Most have shown little desire to be ordered into the infantry on the same basis as men.

"This ill-advised decision will impose heavy burdens on fighting units, making military life more difficult and more dangerous for men and women alike. It will also affect unsuspecting civilian women, who will face equal obligations to register for Selective Service when a future federal court rules in favor of litigation brought by the ACLU on behalf of men.

"The Center for Military Readiness has released a new CMR Special Report, titled Defense Department "Diversity" for Women in Land Combat. The 42-page document provides independent analysis of the Marine Corps research program that was initiated in April 2012, in order to gather information on the prospects for women in direct ground combat (infantry) battalions.

This is an Executive Summary of the CMR Special Report, which CMR President Elaine described in an op-ed published on Monday in the Washington Times.

For more information or an interview with Elaine Donnelly, contact CMR Executive Director Tommy Sears, 202/347-5333, or call 734/464-9430.

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