Keep the pressure on the sponsors of The New Normal!

By: American Decency Staff

Another episode of “The New Normal” aired this week. 

Sponsors include:  Campbell’s soup, Burger King, McDonald’s, Oscar Mayer (Kraft Foods), Crest (Procter & Gamble), Chili’s restaurant, Mazda, Walt Disney.

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Another push by NBC and creator Ryan Murphy to gain approval and acceptance of gay marriage and gay parenting.  “The New Normal” is supposedly championing the cause of “tolerance and acceptance” with the show’s premise of two gay men and their quest to have a baby via a surrogate mother.  However, there is nothing new or normal about it.  Since the first bite of forbidden fruit, mankind has been trying to “normalize” sin.  As Proverbs 12:15a states:  “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes.”

But call evil “good” often enough and people will begin to believe it.  As Eve, they’ll believe the whispers of “Hath God actually said…” and “Ye shall not surely die.”  So when NBC shows two men in bed kissing, caressing, planning for a baby as any other “married” couple would do, viewers hear the whisper of evil telling them “love is love, how can it be an abomination?” 

And that is what “The New Normal” repeatedly does – portrays this gay couple as a normal, loving couple.  While of course the conservative, Christian grandmother is portrayed as intolerant and hateful.

But the concerning content doesn’t end there.  Interspersed with the repulsive gay kissing scenes was a reference to sex with a corpse. 

Also in Tuesday’s episode, a child makes reference to the S&M book “50 Shades of Gray” – a pornographic book currently popular with many female readers promoting bondage sex.

As we state in our “take action” letter, “The New Normal,” not only crosses the line with offensive and racist verbiage, but also pushes the gay agenda, while it offensively labels those who hold traditional values as bigoted homophobes. 

Join us in asking the show’s sponsors if they really want their company name associated with a show that mocks and offends millions of potential customers.

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