As we look forward to another year of ministry in 2014

By: American Decency Staff

As we look forward to another year of ministry in 2014, it is also good to look back on 2013 and take note of how God has used us to further His Kingdom as we continue in service.  Following troubling election results in November 2012, there was a sense of discouragement by many conservative Christians as a new year began.  Yet God has kept us from despair and demonstrated His continual presence and empowerment.  His hand of blessing was demonstrated in many ways, including by the faithful support from you, our readers. 

As part of the bylaws for American Decency Association we include the following Purpose Statement.

Purpose Statement – What We Believe:

The American Decency Association is an overtly Christian organization directed by a Biblical worldview. We believe that God’s desire for His people is that they be not conformed to this world, rather, transformed by the renewing of their minds unto Christ. Being a light in a darkened world does not imply a selfish retreat from that world, but an activism within it proceeding from love for God and our neighbor.

How has that purpose unfolded in day-to-day ministry?  Below are just some of the on-going ministry efforts, the special projects, and activism we’ve been engaged in within 2013.

We provide resources to assist others to be a “light in a darkened world,” through:

*  Researching and writing daily email alerts, reaching tens of thousands of people across America, that encourage, inform, challenge and rally hearts, giving tools and opportunities for activism.  We regularly prepare and provide an “action” link in our daily emails, allowing readers practical tools to respond to the various societal issues in which we are engaged – contacting advertisers, retailers, government leaders, etc.

*  Our website, updated daily, offers a wealth of information and resources advancing the battle for righteousness and an individual pursuit of holiness.  Included on our site are: action alerts, a recommended reading list of timely articles updated daily, informative video clips, and access to our “ADA store” featuring numerous educational resources.

*  The use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to reach the younger generation with our message.  For example, news items, devotional thoughts, and action items posted daily on Facebook, and then shared by others, reach countless viewers every day.

Our daily radio program “A Decency Minute” that airs nationally, Monday – Friday, on Sirius XM’s “Family Talk” satellite radio.  This broadcast gives a tremendous opportunity to speak into the hearts and minds of listeners on a variety of spiritual and salt and light topics.  The program generates responses from listeners across the country seeking information and/or helpful resources.  Recent calls have come from listeners in Wisconsin, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Missouri, New York, Nebraska.

*  Writing and compiling our monthly newsletter that we strive to make not only informative, but also challenging and edifying, on a variety of timely issues such as: pornography, homosexuality, indecency in entertainment, attacks upon religious liberty and the U.S. Constitution, the threat of radical Islam, the undermining of marriage and family and the push for gay marriage.

*  The production of a monthly church bulletin insert, American Decency Update, providing articles to exhort and encourage Christians.  Our insert is free to download from our website or is mailed upon request for church use.

*  Distributing numerous educational and spiritual resources useful for the building up of individuals and the church in relationship to the spiritual battle in which we are engaged, DVDs and books such as Agenda: Grinding America Down; Shariah: The Threat to America; America’s Godly Heritage; Holiness, by J.C. Ryle; Things We Couldn’t Say, by Diet Eman.  In addition, we produce our own DVDs and CDs of messages and interviews with speakers from conferences we’ve hosted.  These include youth speaker Pam Stenzel with her powerful message to young people, Now You Know; Frank Gaffney’s eye-opening presentation Shariah: Civilization Jihad and the Enemy Within; Pastor Anthony Moore’s stirring message at our summer conference, When God Says Leave Me Alone; as well as presentations by former-terrorist-turned-Christian, Kamal Saleem; and 93 year-old World War II Dutch resistance leader, Diet Eman.   These resources are all distributed at or below our cost.

*  For our final conference for the year, we chose to schedule Frank Gaffney in October for a return engagement due to the grave concern regarding the threat of radical Islam. Gaffney’s expertise was evident as he spoke to the audience about the stealthy, yet very real, threat America is facing today.  The audience was very engaged as exemplified by the concern expressed during a time of question and answer.  Former Michigan representative Dave Agema was also in attendance and we asked him to give an update on the efforts to pass Michigan legislation, “American Laws for American Courts,” which would prevent the growing push to allow for Shariah Law to override U.S. Constitutional law in court decisions.

This is not an all inclusive list of what your support has enabled us to do in 2013, but we believe it demonstrates the fruitfulness of our small staff of four.  We do not ask for support in order to build up our coffers, but rather to wisely use those gifts to make an impact for God’s Kingdom.  The gifts we receive are poured out into outreach and ministry.  We are a faith-based ministry, relying solely on our gracious Heavenly Father and the support of His people.   Thank you for standing with us in 2013, and as God leads, we seek your ongoing support as we begin a new year of ministry in 2014.                     

It is in this context that I can come to you as we close out another year asking for your support. 

I prayerfully urge you to help us receive a strong year end message that God’s people are with us helping us with strong financial backing to start what promises to be perhaps the most challenging year that we have ever had in ministry.


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