Oppose Sister Wives propaganda

By: American Decency Staff

The latest episode of “Sister Wives” included some of the most blatant propaganda yet – portraying polygamy as positive and good.

Sponsors include:  Hershey; McDonalds’s; Campbell’s soup; Kraft; Arm & Hammer products; Lysol; Scotch tape; Nintendo; Sprint; Amazon; AFLAC; Xbox; Canon; Geico; Triaminic cough medicine; Xfinity (Comcast); local advertiser Meijer supermarkets; and several others.

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The latest episode was described by one entertainment website this way:

“On the next Sister Wives the dark side of polygamy is uncovered when the Brown teenagers volunteer for an organization that helps people escape from abusive polygamist families. The teens meet a fellow group of teens that have left their polygamist families due to abuse. They confront the Brown family about the serious issues they have with the lifestyle, and the Browns are quick to defend their way of life.”

You might say, “Hey, you described the episode as ‘blatant propaganda.’  That description doesn’t sound like propaganda to me – ‘uncovering the dark side’ of ‘abusive’ polygamists.  It sounds as if the show is finally showing the evil of polygamy.”

I might have thought so, too – until I watched the episode.  Notice the last line of the episode’s description – “the Browns are quick to defend their way of life.”  That, in essence, was the real focus of the episode.

The Browns were quick to condemn abuse in these other polygamist families (such as the Warren Jeffs cult), but were even quicker to proclaim “polygamy’s not the problem.”

The show used teen daughter Madison – who in the past has emphatically said she would not be part of a plural marriage – to defend polygamy as she tearfully stated to the camera:

“They don’t understand there’s a good side to polygamy. I had more support in my life than a lot of kids I know because of polygamy.  And I grew up in an extremely happy home and a good home because of polygamy, that I never would have known if my parents weren’t polygamists.”

The show goes on to try to convince not only viewers, but even the young adults who were helped to escape polygamy, that plural marriage ‘the way the Browns do it’ – is a good thing.

Throughout the episode Brown family members state:

“It wasn’t the fault of polygamy that they had a difficult life.”

“That’s one of the biggest perks (of polygamy) is having multiple moms.”

It’s not plural marriage that is bad for them.”

And when Kody Brown asks his teen daughter if she’s strong enough in her beliefs to defend polygamy, if others try to convince her that polygamy is harmful, she assures her father:

“I can tell them why I think it’s good.”

That is why we take issue with this show – polygamy is not good as this teenage girl has been brainwashed to believe.  And each week “Sister Wives” strives to also brainwash viewers to accept this sinful and harmful lifestyle. 

As our email yesterday stated, marriage – one man and one woman – was ordained and created by God.  When man thumbs his nose at God’s law and design, doing “what is right in his own eyes,” there is nothing good about it.

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