A new promotion of polygamy on TLC

By: American Decency Staff

The attack on marriage has just been ratcheted up a notch.  Another click on the “come-along of evil.”  Added to the push for gay marriage is the increasing legitimization of polygamy.  Both are repugnant and an offense to God’s design of family and marriage.

The cable network TLC, which produces the show “Sister Wives,” has now aired another program promoting group marriage – “My Three Wives.”

Sponsors of this legitimization polygamy include:  Kraft cheese; Kay Jewelry; Big Lots; Amazon (Kindle); Arm and Hammer products; Fruit of the Loom; Kaboom cleaner; Milo Kitchen dog treats; OxiClean; Canon; Comcast; Sprint; Geico; Buick; and local ad Gerber Life Insurance.

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This sickening program showcases a so-called “family” where the husband arrogantly boasts how his first two ‘wives’ were both “competing” for him as young women, so he married them both – on the same day.  He then tells viewers how one “got to go first” on the wedding night, while the other had to wait.  Years later he married the identical twin sister of one of his ‘wives’ to complete his trifecta.

“My Three Wives” goes to great length to normalize this repulsive lifestyle.  These are not the long-dress wearing, bunched up hair, Warren Jeffs cult, polygamists.  They make every effort to depict their family as a “typical” American family. 

If you can call “typical” a father of 24 kids rotating to a different wife’s bed every night.  Yet, with TLC’s promotion of “Sister Wives” and now “My Three Wives,” this could one day be more “typical” than we could ever imagine.  Following comments on entertainment websites and blogs, more and more viewers make comments such as person:

“If all the wives are consenting adults, why not? I don't have a problem with polygamy, or bigamy or any other marriage that isn't the standard man and wife. As long as it involves consenting adults, who cares?”

One way to breakdown natural resistance to a repugnant concept such as polygamy is to foster empathy for those involved – to personalize it.  TLC and “My Three Wives” do this very well.  In monitoring this show, I lost track of the number of times one of the “spouses” referred to being “stereotyped” or “persecuted” or ‘falsely’ labeled as extremists.

Sounding incredulous that such “persecution” takes place in modern America, one of the ‘wives’ talked about how “technically” their lifestyle is illegal, as she says:  “Our life and the way that we live is considered a third degree felony in the state of Utah.”  With crocodile tears she pulls on the heartstrings talking of her fear that “they’d come and take my children away.”

The crescendo of propaganda builds throughout the episode until the concluding speech of one ‘wife’ who claims her lifestyle is a “privilege” and tells viewers “what she gains is far more” than what she loses by sharing a husband. 

She goes on to emphatically state:  “The people who take on the challenge are the most rewarded.”  And that those who don’t embrace polygamy “will never know what they’ve missed out on.”

As with the depiction of homosexuality in television, it began with one gay character.  Then another and another.  Then the first homosexual kissing scene on television.  Then a bed scene.  And now, as resistance has broken down, there are few, if any, network shows that don’t have a homosexual character.

With polygamy, it began with HBO’s “Big Love” and then TLC’s “Sister Wives” and now “My Three Wives.”  And so marriage and family is undermined more and more.

If we do not oppose it now, what will the next ten years bring?

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