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In recent months we teamed with many others in hosting a simulcast entitled “One Nation Under God.â€ÂÂ Â Â  It was a huge success with many people expressing great enthusiasm for the program. Featured speakers included David Barton, Dr. James Dobson, Newt Gingrich, Lila Rose and other tremendous presenters. The response to this 2 hour event was overwhelming. If you missed this powerful event, you now have an opportunity to view it on DVD. I urge you to order a copy of the free DVD, “One Nation Under God,â€Â that we are making available through “United in Purposeâ€Â. All we ask is for the cost of shipping and handling of a modest $3.00. In addition, please forward this offer to your family and friends. This presentation deals with America’s Christian heritage, sharing little-known facts about the Christian patriot pastors whose faith shaped the foundation of our nation, and speaks to the great need to stand up and to get involved in the political process today, voting and helping to get out the vote. I’m not exaggerating. This DVD is a must see and must share!!!! Order this today by going our website at: Or by calling us at: 888-733-2326 Quoting an earlier email alert: We’ve lost sight of our great heritage as a nation founded on Biblical truth, and the consequences are dire: schools are failing, the divorce rate is climbing, and our society is rife with scandal and corruption. It’s time to reclaim our Biblical heritage and bring God back to the center of American life. Where do we start? It starts with you and me. According to the organization United in Purpose, “of the 60 million Christians in the U.S., only 30 million of them vote in any given election or are even registered to vote. Our research has shown that it only takes 5 million votes to decide an election. We believe that if Christian voters will make their voices heard on Election Day, we can bring about positive change in America. Our nation was founded on Biblical principles, but God has been expunged from our culture, and as a consequence, our nation is in an ethical and moral mess.â€Â As a step to help bring God back to the center of American life, American Decency Association is distributing this significant DVD, *ONE NATION UNDER GOD* as stated above. *One Nation Under God*, a national, two-hour premiere event, features top American thinkers and political leaders who will bring the truth about God and America to people gathered in homes and churches across the nation. We urge you to order this complimentary DVD and show it to your friends and family, Sunday School class or church group.  Once you view this powerful DVD for yourself, we believe you will definitely want to share it with others. Order this DVD and then be used of God by showing it to others! Invite your family, friends and neighbors to gather in your home to watch *One Nation Under God*. Together, you’ll learn how to view history and current events in light of God’s Word, and how to take action that aligns with His truth. You can make a difference – one person, one household, one neighborhood at a time! Tools, tips, and timelines for a successful party will be provided. For more information call: 1-888-733-2326 ========================================================== To support our efforts please click here or mail your gift to American Decency Association (ADA), PO Box 202, Fremont, MI 49412. American Decency Association is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

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