A timely challenge in these days of need

By: American Decency Staff

By the grace of God and by the generosity of God’s faithful servants, we have been enabled to fight faithfully in 2011 against the constant attacks upon the values we hold dear. Thank God for those who stand with us so faithfully and generously! It is a great privilege, and, we feel a responsibility to serve in the calling that we have – promoting the Biblical ethic of decency in a culture so embattled in these current days of such contentiousness. As we have strived to be faithful, so many of you have been faithful in supporting this ministry.  We thank God that you have seen fit to stand together with us.  Without the help of you and others like you, this work would never have been brought to the point where it is now. This, in spite of the reality that the number of gifts has been significantly in decline throughout this entire year.  It is concerning; yet we know that many are struggling to pay their own bills, tithe to their local church, and stay afloat financially themselves. Many elderly ones are on fixed incomes. Others have lost their jobs or are unemployed. We truly understand that many are facing serious hardships! That being said, dear friend, if you are in a position of being able to stand with us financially would you please prayerfully consider supporting the work of ADA now and/or in the immediate days ahead to help stand with us? Thank you for your prayerful consideration and for doing whatever you can do! Lastly, a dear brother in the Lord reminds me not to forget that there are people that have been blessed with great resources who have the capability of giving large donations, but often aren’t asked.  If this is you, dear friend, your gift would help us stand in the gap as we move into 2012. God bless you and thank you for whatever you can do as we close out another year and move forward in facing the growing challenges of shedding light within our ever increasingly darkened world. Please consider supporting our efforts with a tax deductible, confidential gift by clicking here or mailing your gift to American Decency Association (ADA), P.O. Box 202, Fremont, MI 49412. Sincerely, Bill Johnson President American Decency Association Americandecency.org Email: info@americandecency.org American Decency Association PO Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412-0202 Telephone 888-733-2326

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