The Walt Disney Company: “Cultural Polluters”

By: American Decency Staff

The following is from our friends with the Timothy Plan.  Each month they post a particular expose of a corporation under the heading (appropriately) “Cultural Pollutersâ€Â. This month’s cultural polluter is none other than the Walt Disney Company.  As many of you know, Disney has been targeted by this ministry and many others for concerning associations and practices over the years.   For individuals like myself, the expose of Disney is timely and concerning.  We have continued to boycott Disney and have encouraged others to do so when asked.  This merely reinforces my long held position. Quoting The Timothy Plan: See: Also: When you think of a company that is synonymous with family values, Walt Disney (stock symbol: DIS), known for "It's a Small World" and Mickey Mouse, might come to mind.  Employing over 144,000 full time employees across the globe, Disney is anything but a small company.  They are known as a place "Where Dreams Come True" for the millions of annual visitors to their five world renown parks and resorts.  Today, if he were still alive, Walt Disney himself would be appalled at how this now behemoth corporation is contributing to the pollution of our culture. Known for philanthropy in many areas, this corporate giant has unfortunately contributed to abortion by supporting Planned Parenthood through grants and gift matching programs. In entertainment, Disney and its subsidiaries produce “not so family friendlyâ€Â content.  In a 2009 survey by Parents Television Council, Disney was ranked sixth out of twenty top sponsors of entertainment containing sex, extreme violence and foul language.  For the past two years, ESPN the magazine, a sports magazine considered “safeâ€Â reading for everyone, published their annual “Body Issueâ€Â.  Unsuspecting parents were greeted with pictures of famous athletes posing nude with just enough covering up to prevent full-on nudity. Furthermore, their own productions through American Broadcasting Company (ABC) follow the all too familiar anti-family values path common in Hollywood.  This includes television shows that feature openly gay and lesbian couples in "Grey's Anatomy" and "Modern Family", as well as sexually charged shows like "Cougar Town", "The Bachelor/Bachelor Pad", and "Desperate Housewives".  If you are looking for violent video games, the Touchstone produced, mature rated "Turok" provides plenty of blood and gore, as well as foul language. The Disney parks host an event they don't publicize in the family friendly media.  Known as Gay Days, the event originated in California in 1998, and expanded to Orlando in 2001.  What started out as a one-day event has expanded to an entire week during which over 135,000 members of the gay and lesbian community converge on the Disney parks.  Disney does not sponsor the event, but it does nothing to inform parents and families about what they may (probably will) encounter during their Magic Kingdom vacation. We encourage you to review the lengthy list of “pollutantsâ€Â to learn in detail the things supported by Disney in the Pollutants section of this web site. (  The long and extensive list is quite shocking.  You will also find a list of subsidiaries and products intended to help you when you make purchasing or investing decisions. Companies like Disney spend millions on image building, often while "hiding" the everyday, day in and day out activities and subsidiaries that would tarnish that carefully crafted image.  Unfortunately, the real truth is often very ugly and destructive to good family values.  We encourage you to review this report in detail and be informed.  It is our most powerful weapon! ======================================================= A classic resource available as short supply lasts: “The Holiness of Godâ€Â by R.C. Sproul. To order your free copy, email Many of you took advantage of our offer regarding the book “The Pursuit of Holinessâ€Â by Jerry Bridges. This is what Jerry Bridges has to say about this book offer “Every Christian who is serious about his or her growth needs to read ‘The Holiness of God.’ I profited greatly from this book.â€Â ======================================================= American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 ph: 231-924-4050 231-924-4050 Donate online: American Decency Association is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

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