Do you believe that God’s law is not for today.

By: American Decency Staff

A couple of days ago I cited Deuteronomy 28:  “God blesses a people who honor and obey Him.  He curses a nation that disobeys.â€Â Deut.28:1-6 One person -  a supportive person – wrote that American Christianity has been set adrift as “baptized humanismâ€Â.   She writes this not to counter me but to emphatically state that the American public is antinomian, believing that God’s law is not for today.  This  she would conclude, as I would,  is why America is adrift. Quoting: Dear Bill, Mainstream Christians in America are antinomian, believing that God's Law is not for today, that God's Law is no longer valid and wholly applicable for individuals and nations; therefore, quoting Deuteronomy sounds good but it has no real teeth with modern American Christians. America was founded upon God's Law, and Christians back then were not antinomian as they are today but rather studied and searched the details of God's Law for application in every area of life and thought. America is falling apart today, as God warns it will in Deuteronomy 28, because American Christianity has lost its foundation for how to live and govern ourselves. Without the anchor of God's Law, American Christianity has been set adrift as "baptized humanism" and as such will continue to be crushed under other religions, moral decline, tyrannical over-bloated civil government, poverty, war, etc. K.C.S. To which I again quote here:  Deuteronomy 28:1-6: “God blesses a people who honor and obey Him.  He curses a nation that disobeys.â€Â I have had the privilege of having in-laws who were godly.  They are both gone to be with the Lord (Dave in 2003, Geneva in 2001).  Faithful in church attendance, mid-week service (prayer meeting), tithers, visited the sick and the dying, loved their family, loved their neighbors. Genuinely humble people who place others first. Dave and Geneva were also people who started their day in the Bible and in prayer.  They recognized that they were sinners in need of His wisdom and saving grace to live day by day. What examples they were to me and so many others. In the small community where I live, there are many others like these dear saintly couple.  Many of them now in their 80s and early 90s:  the greatest generation. They know where their help comes from.  It comes from the Lord!  It shows in the way they handled all areas of life: trials, tribulations, disease, death, the issues of life. God blesses them!   They believe in the law of God.  They study it. Get helped and refreshened by it.  They desire to walk the Bible way.  Their light shines. People are helped and blessed by their living faith in a living Savior. This community and many like it have been blessed down through the years from millions of dear Christian people like this. But what about us? Many of us have had similar good examples.  Most importantly we have the Word of God to shape us.  Old fashioned?  Yeah!  Praise God.  God blesses those who take Him at His Word and follow Him and turn away from their wicked ways. We need to do are all at the political level; praying, emailing our reps and calling, but it will always start at home, in our churches, seeking God’s face first.  Humble ourselves?  How many are really capable of getting on our knees and asking for God’s forgiveness for our lack of faithfulness to Him – the one and only God! May it begin with me.  May it begin with you. =================================== Your support is important to our ability to make a difference. Donate online at: American Decency Association is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 ph: 231-924-4050

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