Fox’s “Family Guy” – letters to advertisers needed and file an FCC complaint

By: Steve Huston

familyguyWe need you to contact advertisers. Click here Over the last few weeks, we have begun to keep an eye on FOX network’s Sunday night program, American Dad. American Dad is in essence the little brother to its creator’s other show Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane developed American Dad several years after his first show became frighteningly popular. Now it appears that Family Guy is following the lead of American Dad. The first episode of American Dad that I watched and the first episode that I reviewed for you featured strippers and the lifestyle associated with sexually oriented business throughout the program. The latest Family Guy makes only slight mention to stripping, but the scene is extremely blatant and disturbing. Perhaps the most disturbing issue with this program was the scene in the strip club, which took place in the first 5 minutes, the show has the intelligence level and sense of humor of an 8 year old. I’m not going to give a rundown of the whole episode as I have in the past, as the rest of the show was so ridiculous that it doesn’t deserve the time I would spend to write it. The release of these 2 episodes in such close proximity (within three weeks of each other) makes me think that this is what Seth MacFarlane hopes to make the norm. The Simpsons was thought to be crossing the line 20 years ago when it was first created and now, not only is its theme the norm, but much worse than that is being released. To do something about this not-so-subtle attack on morality in society, the Parent Television Council has suggested filing a complaint with the FCC. Here is the link to the PTC’s Broadcast Indecency Campaign that has examples of other indecent programs and episodes and will lead you to the FCC complaint form. Submitted by: Chris Johnson The show aired on Fox Sunday, December 13, 2009 9:00 pm (EST) Advertisers included: Subway, Wendy’s, Levis… and numerous others.  By clicking on the link below you can send a prepared email that will go to all the advertisers who sponsored last Sunday night's "Family Guy". (Please feel free to personalize your  letter.) Click here to contact advertisers: To see the entire list of advertisers, click the link below to go to our website. ========================================== To support this ministry: Solid December support has always been key to this ministry.  This year is no exception.  This December we have no match challenge to extend to you having met a challenging summer match grant of $15,000.   Yet, I would like to ask you to help us reach a goal of $50,000 for December!   With God's grace and help, together we can reach this realistic figure and be strengthened as we begin what promises to be a year of significant embattlement! We have received gifts totaling $21,777.85 toward our goal! =================================== American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 ph: 231-924-4050

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