Group in Odem, Utah picketing University Mall on consecutive Saturdays

By: Steve Huston

A couple of weeks ago I did an interview with (AFA) with Charlie Butts regarding our ongoing efforts regarding Victoria’s Secret.

The battle for decency at the local mall

*** An interview with – Charlie Butts the interviewer

That interview reached the ears of Jesse out of the Provo, Utah area. He and a group of friends have begun organizing a picket of their mall – University Mall – out of Odem, Utah.

They are intending to picket throughout January and into February! We rejoice at their convictions!

Here is a news article coming out of their area.

“Heavily-bundled group protests scantily-clad lingerie models”

OREM � Nearly two dozen protestors bundled up and stood in the cold Saturday afternoon to tell Victoria’s Secret to cover up the models in their provocative advertisements.

The group, comprised of about 22 people who gathered at the corner of University Parkway and State Street on Saturday, said they’re joining calls from American Decency Association, The Lighted Candle Society and Parents Television Council to boycott the lingerie chain because of its TV and mall advertisements. The group said they’re encouraging people to shop elsewhere until Victoria’s Secret cleans up its marketing campaign. …”,5143,705270329,00.html

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