Another boycott of Victoria’s Secret has been launched in Orem, Utah

By: Steve Huston

*** Another boycott of Victoria’s Secret has been launched in Orem, Utah.
*** A response from Victoria’s Secret regarding their fashion show

Another boycott of Victoria’s Secret has been launched in Orem, Utah.

Taking their cue from American Decency Association and other national groups, about two dozen residents decided to conduct a boycott at a local store. One of the participants is 26-year-old Aaron Bylund. He takes no issue with their products, but he calls their television and mall advertising unsuitable for children and families.

“The advertising is inappropriate for children. It’s not healthy for children,” he contends. “We have millions of children every day walking past Victoria’s Secret displays in the mall. They’re seeing them on television, and they’re simply unprepared for the sexual, provocative nature of those images.”

Bylund encourages others around the nation to join the campaign. “You know, this is an opportunity for us to really be bold and take courage and to realize we’re accountable for our children’s future and their lives and the way our country goes,” he adds. “Forget about whether or not things are popular [or] what our friends are going to think about it, and let’s simply be brave and make the best decision for our families and children.”

Some of the group’s picketing has been conducted in subfreezing temperatures.


*** A response from Victoria’s Secret regarding their fashion show

This email is written by a Jonathan Blum formerly (I believe) of
Yum Brands. I base this observation on two things: (1) it is an unusual name, and, (2) If this is the same Mr. Blum, he writes with the same sarcastic tone as he did when he was the public relations man for Yum Brands.

At any rate here is Mr. Blum’s letter of response to an earlier email from this writer:

Dear Ms. H.,

While I understand your position on the fashion show, I’m afraid I don’t agree with it. The show aired on CBS at 9pm. I’m personally glad we live in a nation with the First Amendment’s freedom of speech, and encourage those (like me) who aren’t interested in watching shows of this nature to exercise their own free speech and change the channel. Thanks for your feedback and we hope to win back your loyalty some day. Sincerely, Jonathan Blum

Ms. H.’s response:

Dear Mr. Blum,

I also believe in a freedom of speech but also believe it should be
governed by God’s principles like most of our legal system traditionally had been modeled after, although recent years we’ve seen a falling away from that. I don’t think people should be allowed to lie about others (libel, slander), parade around with no clothes in public (indecent exposure), condemn people for their race which is God given. It sounds like your philosophy is anything goes, even though it could be harming others by contributing to the delinquency of a minor or causing others to wrongfully lust. I think our freedoms should be curtailed when it becomes harmful to others. I’ve heard there is a large percentage of rapes following viewing of pornography. To me this fashion show is very

Lastly —

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