Victoria’s Secret and you

By: American Decency Staff

Others of you still do frequent the mall. What is your response when you walk by a Victoria’s Secret and you see nearly nude women foisted in front of your face? Some of you have come to the place that you just simply don’t go to the mall any longer for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is the egregious manner in which certain corporations market their products, i.e. Victoria’s Secret. Others of you still do frequent the mall. What is your response when you walk by a Victoria’s Secret and you see nearly nude women foisted in front of your face? *** Have you become desensitized and have no issue with it? *** Do you shop there anyway because you like their products? *** Do you ever stop and discuss your concerns with the store manager? *** Do you ever feel guilty that you don’t speak up? *** Do you ever pray seeking direction as to what you should do? Whatever, your response, we encourage you to prayerfully let your light shine. Below we include a contact list for you to express your concern. We hope you will not become weary in well-doing. We encourage you to stay faithful. I recall a woman who stated that her pastor referenced Victoria’s Secret in a positive light before the congregation. Taken aback she spoke to her pastor. She wondered how he could seemingly promote Victoria’s Secret knowing that Victoria’s Secret uses sexually explicit imagery to advertise (television ads, the VS Fashion Show, window displays) and that Victoria’s Secret’s response to expressions of concern are predictable and disingenuous. Isn’t there ample reason not to shop Victoria’s Secret? The answer is abundantly clear. Victoria’s Secret Valentine window displays feature the use of whips.

Here is a written description. In one window they have a big heart outline stuck on the window with the center of it open so you can see through the glass to the product behind. Showcased inside this heart (symbolizing love) is an outfit on display. The outfit is rather skimpy and not in real good taste. It is something I come to expect from the likes of VS. What SHOCKED me is the fact that they included a whip in the display. The whip is a handle about 18″ long with probably 6-10 strands tied to the end of it that are about 12-16″ long. When I think of a big heart, and valentines day, and loving my wife, I sure do not associate a whip in there anywhere! What does this window display say about love to the impressionable young men and women (teenagers) who are viewing it? Another display featured currently at Victoria’s Secret is:

Contact information: Contact the second largest renter of mall space in America – General Growth Properties General Growth Properties Mr. John Bucksbaum, CEO E: 110 N. Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL 60606 Telephone: 312-960-5000 A response that Mr. Bucksbaum wrote last year about this time: Mr. John Bucksbaum answered at least one of you in the following way: I have discussed this many times with Mr. Johnson. I have explained to him on many occasions that we don’t control Victoria Secret’s windows. We have worked on this matter with Limited and they have in my opinion dramatically changed their window approach. I was sarcastic with Mr. Johnson because I don’t believe he will ever be satisfied. If the current window is still offensive versus the previous rendition I don’t think we will ever find ourselves in agreement unless VS quits displaying their product. I fully respect that not everybody is going to agree on what is appropriate and what is not, but I am not able to censor VS in their approach to marketing. Sincerely, John Bucksbaum Contact Rivertown Crossings Mall (Grandville, Michigan) Mr. Randy Zimmerman, Manager Contact Victoria’s Secret: Victoria’s Secret Stores Inc. Grace A. Nichols – President and CEO 4 Limited Parkway Reynoldsvburg, OH 43068 Phone 614-577-7000 Fax: 614-577-7047 The Limited Leslie Wexner, CEO Three Limited Parkway Columbus, OH 43230 800-756-4449 American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 PH: 231-924-4050

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