Television and Consequences

By: American Decency Staff

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the impact television has on our youth. Recent studies have only confirmed what common sense tells us “what we view will impact the way we think and act. Garbage in, garbage out.

A report from today’s news revealed that a recent study found that the more television teens watch, the greater likelihood they are to develop attention and learning problems and do poorly in school.  When children who watched less than 2 hours of TV at age 14 reduced their TV watching by 1 hour or more, they halved their risk of school failure, the researchers found. But when 14-year-olds who watched fewer than 2 hours added 1 more daily hour of TV, they doubled their risk of academic failure at age 16.;_ylt=AnQdV9qOS3np5DtdEw5G2QbMWM0F Other studies have reported additional negative effects of television viewing, such as the disturbing link between violent entertainment and violent behavior. Research has also shown that adolescents who watch television programs containing illicit sexuality and sexual themes are much more likely to engage in sexual promiscuous behavior themselves. And that’s why so much of what passes for family viewing today is so concerning. Monday night CBS airs a line of sitcoms that are rife with explicit sexual themes and dialogue. For example, the most recent episode of one of these, The New Adventures of Old Christine which airs on CBS at 8:30 pm, had the main star of the show having a one-night stand with her ex-husband. When her brother seems surprised about her cavalier attitude, she says “It’s just sex. You’re in, you’re out. It’s a simple transaction. It doesn’t count because we were [once] married and we weren’t involved with anyone else at the time. It’s a victimless crime – no consequences.” Later sex is equated to 20 minutes of dirty fun. This is the message being sent to teens. “Sex is a meaningless, recreational sport with no consequences.” However, those who believe this lie and follow its example, will face dire consequences physical, emotional, and spiritual. One resource that we’ve brought to your attention before but is well worth repeating is Pam Stenzel’s “Sex Has a Price Tag”. In this DVD Pam shares a powerful message with teens of the costs of sex outside of marriage and strongly promotes the benefits of abstinence before marriage. In the video Pam tells teens: If you’ve had sex outside of a permanent marriage relationship, you will pay. There is a cost. No one has ever had sex outside of the context or marriage without paying a price. The question you have to ask tonight though, is this: “What is the cost and is it worth it?” This exceptional resource is a great tool to help counter the destructive messages teens receive from the entertainment industry. To watch a clip of “Sex Has a Price Tag” and/or to place an order go to: In addition, we urge you to contact the advertisers of “The New Adventures of Old Christine” and let them know you object to the damaging messages they are helping to send to our youth. “The New Adventures of Old Christine” Advertiser List: ========================================================== Let’s encourage one another and strengthen one another to be more like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 PH: 231-924-4050

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