Our worst fears are being realized – day after day after day

By: American Decency Staff

The headline reads this morning: 31 kids rescued, 700 arrested in Internet child sex operation http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070618/NEWS07/70618009 Our worst fears are being realized – day after day after day “… The ring was traced to an Internet chat room called ‘Kids the Light of Our Lives’ that featured images of children being subjected to sexual abuse. …” To my friends in the battle against pornography from the 80s and 90s: We weren’t far off base when we were going from community to community laboring to roll back pornography from gas stations, convenience stores, mom and pop stores. We had the backing of many. We knew then that pornography was toxic, addictive and destructive and needed to constantly be shoved back and contained – lest it become easily accessed and do its nasty, foul, disgusting and destructive work. We tried so hard to keep the flood gates from opening. So many of us did good work – chapters of the American Family Association, Morality in Media, CCV, and National Coalition Against Pornography, etc. But under the Clinton administration, the floodgates were opened through an almost non-existent effort on the part of Clinton’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Enforcement Section – the Justice Department. The Internet emerged uncurbed and pornography became its hallmark. The floodgates, indeed, were opened. We have experienced a great disappointment and a similar lacking in the George W. Bush administration as well. And so we read and hear and see on the news these accounts of sting operations discovering that those caught in the sting are into pornography – and it may turn out to be a judge, or a pastor, or a teacher, or a school principal, etc., etc.. No one profession seems to escape the trap of pornography because pornography attacks sinners and all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Satan attacks us at our points of weakness. He does this with societies as well – he attacks the weakness. [If a society permits pornography to be easily accessible, to be permitted and tolerated via the Internet, its television programming, its hotel and motel chains, its magazines, Satan attacks the eyes that are prone to lust. [Our God gives strong words regarding lusting because He loves us and wants to protect us from the evil that comes from lusting.] When our society fought sin more vigorously, pornography was widely viewed as shameful and evil. And we are surprised after years of this now? This is what we feared could happen, and it IS. Now what do we do? Now that the floodgates are, indeed, opened and our worst fears are being realized. As our humble little bumper stickers used to say that we circulated to warn, and fight for decency — “Pornography Destroys.” We still can and must do what we can do. And we are. Here’s what we are doing Friday night in our community. One of my dearest and best friends is coming to Fremont, MI to present in our new building this Friday night – Steve Ensley, President of American Family Online. He will be discussing the concerning topics — ***Christians and the Internet – Are we any different? ***Why did Jesus pray “lead us not into temptation”? ***Just what is the impact on Christians? ***Is MySpace the end times whore described in Scripture? ***What should our response be? ***Question and Answer Session https://americandecency.org/main.php?f=updates_new/2007/June/6.13.07 Stay tuned for further details. Steve is working with us to make this special message available by webcast, CD or DVD. Friday night, 7:00 PM, Fremont, MI – American Decency Association 203 E. Main Street Free of charge Donations accepted https://secure4.afo.net/ada/main.php?f=donate/display9 American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 PH: 231-924-4050

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