“My teen wants to use Myspace”

By: American Decency Staff

Question: My teen wants to use MySpace. We don’t want to because of all the dangers involved. What do you think. Do you have a way to make it safe? Answer: No, there is no way to make it safe, but there is an alternative. There is a site (http://dittytalk.com )similar to MySpace, only better, that does not have the junk and a person can even import their profile from MySpace with just one button. It has all of the features of MySpace, but none of the dangers and it is openly Christian. Please don’t give in to this popular site (MySpace), it is extremely destructive and your child will see things children (and adults) should never see. I appreciate your position as a parent, it is not easy, but the Godly course is to avoid this corrupt and immoral site (MySpace). Thanks! – Steve The Minefield of MySpace.com https://americandecency.org/resources/bulletin/2007/btnjuly07.pdf Back in the saddle. Two weeks ago we headed out to Townsend, TN for a week in the Smokies. We had just completed a challenging stretch of time getting ready for the open house/dedication of our new building. As you recall, my friend and mentor Donald E. Wildmon gave the dedication message. What a beautiful time and a challenging message. The messages is available on CD. To request a copy email Kimberly at kimberly@americandecency.org (available at $10.00) I would also like to give a positive word regarding the cabin that we stayed in in the Smokies (Townsend, TN – the peaceful side of the Smokies). The owner is a Christian and ministered to us in our time of need for some spiritual refreshment. Often we have targeted locations that demean God and His standards. Here is an opportunity to commend a business that desires to assist people and minister in the name of Jesus. For further information: http://www.riverbluffcabinsinthesmokies.com/ For Reservations & Availability call Billie Passe P.O. Box 422 – 212 Parkline Way Townsend, TN 37882 Email: AGenesis4me@aol.com Call: (865) 382-4984 Toll-Free: 1-800-274-1656 American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 PH: 231-924-4050 www.americandecency.org

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