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By: American Decency Staff

Personal note: A very significant part of my calling is that I was set free from the bondage’s of pornography. I will never forget its powerful hold. It grieves me that so little is done to oppose it and to drive it off from shelves. If you haven’t looked inside a Cosmopolitan magazine recently and read an article or two, you have no idea of the degradation of this magazine that is mainstream right at the checkouts where you spend hundreds of dollars every month. Our silence is a disgrace, but it’s not too late to make a difference. Below is an article featuring Dr. Judith A. Reisman. Her comments, as always, are worth digesting and responding to – boldly and caringly. “… Women (even most ‘feminist’ women) commonly shape their behavior to increase their market value in the eyes of elite males. If Joe College lusts for Playboy’s ‘Girls of the Ivy League,’ Jill College will strip, strut and flash flesh. Hoping to find ‘love,’ she tells herself she is a ‘free spirit,’ – happily, wildly abandoned. Cashing in on the success of pornography, the pharmaceutical industry sells Jill diet pills to make her thin, all forms of contraception and abortifacient birth control, and, of course, STD medications. The Sex Industrial Complex, comprised of the pornography industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the so-called mainstream media and the ACLU, has been colonizing the national mind and memory for over 50 years. The student ‘Sex Week’ is blessed by Yale administrators and a ‘sex aid’ patron. Just how long have college administrators been paid off by the pornography industry? Look around. College graduates are current and future clergy, prosecutors, legislators, scientists, educators, judges, fathers and mothers. After 50 years of yawning at ‘adult’ pornography, our spineless justice system is overwhelmed by child pornography and pandemic child sexual abuse. The New York Times reporter says that ‘it wasn’t so long ago that the male collegians of America hid their copies of Playboy deep inside their sock drawers.’ How long ago? In 1954, Great Grandpa hid Playboy. By 1974, Grandpa hid Penthouse. By 1994, Dad hid Hustler. Now in 2007, Sonny hides child pornography. Where will we be in 2017? We paid more than a few pieces of silver to sell out ‘The Greatest Generation’ and the morality they fought and died to preserve. The real victims of that bargain were, and are, inevitably, our children. …” http://www.renewamerica.us/columns/abbott/070308 Weighing in on the local scene — Vidor, TX I was visiting our local pharmacy the other day. As I walked by the magazine displace case, I noticed a publication that was completely out side the boundaries of decent publications. After having a talk with the manager, he agreed to put them in black plastic covers. I wished he could pull them completely. I know it was not much, but I felt good by standing up for what is right, honorable and decent. D.G. Vidor, Texas Puyallup, WA At our Costco store in Puyallup, WA yesterday, I noticed the shields were missing from the Cosmo and 2 other sleazy magazines. I turned them over and wrote still another comment to the corporation. I have spoken with the managers and they agreed to cover the offensive magazines and did for a while. The more people who speak up, the sooner they will get the message that it is not only me that is offended. I am running out of options of stores to shop at, as I refuse to shop anywhere that displays, openly, those sleazy, porno magazines. C.B. So many have given in to the onslaught of pornography, obscenity and indecency. We know it isn’t pleasing to God to succumb to darkness. We are called to be the light and to not grow weary in well-doing! Join with us in this important local/nationwide campaign. You are needed! We will mail you a 10 minute DVD containing an informal interview between myself and Judy Krause, a ministry friend who gives very practical hands on information as to how she was able to effectively encourage a number of local grocery stores to discontinue placing indecent magazines at the checkout counter and/or placed blinders over magazines displaying indecent images or words. In addition, we will furnish a membership card that can be used when you speak to your local manager demonstrating that there are many others who share your concern about indecency at the checkout. Email us at: kimberly@americandecency.org or Call – 1-888-733-2326. Your recommended gift of $25.00 helps cover the cost of the DVD, the membership card and the postage and aligns you with us in this campaign to stand up in the market place. ========================================== Let’s encourage one another and strengthen one another to be more like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 PH: 231-924-4050 www.americandecency.org

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