A further look at MySpace.com

By: American Decency Staff

“… With sites such as facebook.com and xenga.com we are quickly becoming a uninformed society when it comes to our kids. …” [A counselor to troubled kids]First these opening comments from yesterday regarding MySpace.com “… We say we love Jesus then how can we watch things that are displeasing and dishonoring to Him? Be holy for I am holy – it matters to God. If it doesn’t to us, something is truly wrong. Now in addition to the vast majority of movies and television shows, we know that another area that too many Christians are adept at rationalizing – MySpace.com – desensitizes and corrupts. …” A look at a couple of discussion points: (1) Hello, I am a MySpace user myself and I would like to add that I have 34 friends on my friends list. Majority are Christian. However, I know your concerned about the youth as I am myself. I am very careful what and whom I have has friends on my MySpace. Can I ask you something? If MySpace is something to worry about why can’t we worry about yahoo 360 that is blogs? Why can’t we worry about msn that has spaces? Why can’t we worry about blogger, also, a few Christian MySpaces is out there? I view MySpace as same thing as if you register something on yahoo and or AOL. However, I am deeply devoted to the Lord, the Bible, going to church and stop immorality as much as I can. I am not saying I am against what your saying. I am just suggesting things. Also I would like to view this guy on Friday. I have asked Steve Ensley to comment: Her point is valid, but her research is flawed. In fact we have been beating the drum for almost 10 years against geocities, yahoo, blogspot and many others. All of these are unmonitored social sites that allow basically any kind of upload. Any site with those three characteristics is going to be bad! She is also wrong about the Christian social sites. The truly Christian social sites monitor all upload content as opposed to MySpace which monitors NO content and only removes it if someone complains. Which means they have already been exposed to the material in order to report it! Another major problem is she has no control over the ads on her MySpace page. So she could be inviting her 34 friends to her page to view Victoria Secret ads and have no way to stop it! Christians will find any reason to defend something they want no matter what the moral issues! Thanks! – Steve Lastly, this powerful comment from a counselor — As a counselor to troubled youth I have seen the deception which lies in the MySpace realm. Kids of any age have the ability to lie there way onto the site and then lock out anybody whom they do not approve of in viewing the site. Even parents are learning that they too cannot access their child’s MySpace site without a password their child possesses. We as parents need to know what our children are viewing. With sites such as facebook.com and xenga.com we are quickly becoming a uninformed society when it comes to our kids. Be aware. Pray for your kids. Thanks for keeping us informed ADA. Blessings, M.A. Steve will be speaking at ADA’s new headquarters this coming Friday night (June 22) at 7:00 PM (EST). If you are interested in watching this via webcam, visit us at http://streamer.afo.net/default.asx (Friday evening at 7:00 PM (EST).) Or visit us at www.americandecency.org (Particularly for any updates. This is our first effort at webcasting. Pray with us that there will be no technical difficulties.) Our July bulletin insert Oh that many churches would make this information available to their people that moms and dads and their children would be urged to seek “higher ground” and not give place for Satan. The Minefield of MySpace.com https://americandecency.org/resources/bulletin/2007/btnjuly07.pdf Donations accepted: https://secure4.afo.net/ada/main.php?f=donate/display9 American Decency Association Bill Johnson, President P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 PH: 231-924-4050

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