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We are always thrilled each time we receive an email from a young person (middle, high school or college age) who writes and tells us they want a bumper sticker because they are going to put it on their school notebook or the bumper of their car. A 17 YEAR OLD HIGH SCHOOL GIRL Mr. Johnson, Please send me the “Abercrombie Peddles Porn” bumper sticker. I’m a 17 yr old high school girl, and I want to join with you in this stand against such a degrading and demoralizing company. Thanks for everything that you do! M.J. Florence, AZ A YOUNG PERSON QUITS HIS JOB WITH A&F To whom it may concern, My name is Justin, I am 20 years old, I am active in young life and campus crusade at my college, and I was an employee of Abercrombie & Fitch. I recently read an article on the boycott of Abercrombie & Fitch from the September/ October issue of “Family Voice”. I just wanted to tell you briefly about how this article was received when I brought it to work with me. (First off I must tell you about how article/stories of this nature are treated. In the managers office (at the three different A&F’s I have worked at) many negative articles wrote about A&F are posted. The managers and brand rep’s treat them as if they were a comic strip, only there for their amusement. New employee’s are told to read them to get a laugh and the articles are constantly ridiculed. I honestly can’t say if this goes on at every A&F or is even acceptable to the district managers that oversee the stores, but it is happening). About a week after reading the article I brought it into work (I don’t know why I brought it in to be truthful). I showed it a few employees who refused to read it, citing that they just didn’t care. When my manager asked to see it I handed it to her, she read a few lines and I quote said “I thought you were smarter than this”. She then threw the article away. I was told by her not to bring any more of these type of things into the store. When I asked her about the ones in the backroom, she replied “We put those up for a reason, brand reps shouldn’t bring in negative things about Abercrombie”. I tried to find out the “reason” she was talking about but she refused to tell me. I quit working for Abercrombie ( the only job I’ve ever held ), soon after. I want to praise your work and tell you to be persistent. I truly admire what your doing. Yours In Christ, Justin A YOUNG PERSON APPROACHED TO MODEL FOR A&F Hello, I am a college student in Johnson County, Kansas and was approached by scouts of A&F. I was walking to class when I noticed two males and a female watching me-studying me. They were shaking their heads up and down in agreement with each other, when the female got up and approached me. She asked me if I would be interested in modeling for A&F. She gave me an application and told me to be at the local mall later in the week for an interview. I of course did not go,and could not give away the application. There was not a single person in my class that would even shop there. After thinking about what had happened outside, hearing of the catalog, and what kind of company this truly is-I felt violated and embarrassed. I have been approached many times about modeling, but I have never felt so harassed. To think of the type of job that these scouts were approaching me for. Were they undressing me to see if I was the kind of material that they were looking for or did I look like a sleazy kind of girl. I’m disgusted with A&F and how they are trying to infect the minds of myself and my peers with such filth and getting away with it. I would love to have a bumper sticker or two to display proudly on my vehicle. Thank you for spreading the word about this corrupt company! J.W. A CARING MOTHER Please send my free Ditch Fitch – Abercrombie Peddles Porn bumper sticker. All three of my teenage daughters have finally agreed that there really is a problem here and we need to stop shopping at this store. Thanks for taking this stand and for keeping us informed of what’s really going on out there. Please send bumper sticker to: S.L. Cleveland, TN American Decency Association Bill Johnson, president P.O. Box 202 Fremont, MI 49412 ph:231-924-4050 fax:231-924-1966

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