Excerpts from A&F Catalog

By: American Decency Staff

–From the Archives – Exact Date Unknown —

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER THE VERBIAGE THAT IS INCLUDED ON THIS PAGE COMES DIRECTLY FROM THE  A&F BACK TO SCHOOL CATALOG. IT IS SEXUAL IN NATURE. July 2003 Why, then, do we provide it?  Because some of you are still seated on the fence. You shouldn’t be. You need to get off the middle ground. You need to understand the frontal attack that Abercrombie & Fitch has been bringing since at least 1999.
The written clips below are accompanied by pornographic imagery.  The verbiage coupled with the images target America’s young people. One of the frames of pictures shows a young lady (very young in appearance) opening her blouse to two smiling young men as she leans against a car.  In a second picture and third of a four picture sequel the young lady is untying her shoes while the young men are sliding into the backseat of a car.  One male has slid his pants down to his ankles. In the final picture, the three young people are in the back seat of the car with the female on top of the men – with legs hanging out of the car.
The following written clips are accompanied by very graphic pornographic imagery. The only successful sexual relationship occurs when the fantasies of the two partners overlap.  If the man fantasizes that making love is like riding a bike…. … And the woman wants to be penetrated by a stud, then what truly goes on while they make love is that a horse is riding a bike .. With a fantasy like that, who needs a personality?
Following this verbiage is a picture of a naked woman lying on her back with breasts exposed and leg lifted up with thigh concealing her groin area. The object of desire is hidden behind the thigh but the true cause of desire is the tattooed cross on the arm.  Is it not clear that we really make love with signs, not with bodies?  This is why one has to go to school to learn sex.
Following this verbiage are black and white  images of young people engaged in the act of sex.Movies are right:  the romantic dream is in color, the reality of sex is in black and white.  Here, however, school has to teach us another paradoxical lesson:  The intensity of real sex can only take place in black and white.  When we are immersed into love making, the world loses its colors.

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