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–From the Archives – Exact Date Unknown —

The erotically posed photographs send the message of promiscuous sex, group sex, sexual encounters with college professors.  To the 18 year-olds beginning college life, on their own for the first time, A&F portrays this as typical college behavior.  How many young people buy into the message A&F is selling of sexual experimentation?
FIRST THIS – A DISCLAIMER. Following there are written descriptions of pictures and articles contained in the A&F Fall Quarterly.  They are included for one purpose only:  to alert you to the pornographic nature of Abercrombie & Fitch’s Fall Quarterly Catalog. As more than one person has stated, “I didn’t really realize how bad A&F’s catalog was until I saw the images.  Then I became outraged over what they were doing to draw our kids for A&F’s profits.”
SECONDLY, WE BELIEVE THAT THE ARGUMENT THAT WE SHOULD REMAIN SILENT BECAUSE WE ARE ONLY HEIGHTENING ABERCROMBIE & FITCH’S CAPABILITY OF EXPANDING AND PROFITING FROM CONTROVERSY IS BOGUS.  THE PORNO INDUSTRY HAS USED THIS ARGUMENT FOR YEARS. Each time a newspaper reports (OR RADIO)on A&F’s porno peddling many more parents who do care are being alerted.  Long term we believe exposing the darkness will result in negative publicity for A&F and negative public response to their products. This we believe.  “Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.”
ANALYSIS OF FALL QUARTERLY The Abercrombie & Fitch Fall Quarterly, the Back to School Issue, features the theme of college life at the fictitious “A&FU”. The introduction to the catalog says in part: “Our student bodies- ahem, body, as many of you undoubtedly know – is among the finest (in every sense of the word) in the country, if not the world.  This is an institution steeped in tradition (some would say notoriety) unique among its peers. But please don’t take my word for it – see for yourselves.  And good luck as you embark on the most amazing adventure of your lives!” The introduction is followed by 121 pages of naked and semi-naked photos of  college-age students. The erotically posed photographs send the message of promiscuous sex, group sex, sexual encounters with college professors.  To the 18 year-olds beginning college life, on their own for the first time, A&F  portrays this as typical college behavior.  How many young people buy into the message A&F is selling of sexual experimentation? The catalog also features an Ask A&F page where questions are features such as the following: Dear A&F, My boyfriend and I have decided to sleep together for the first time. The other day I was in his room after class, and when he was on the phone I looked at his dresser and there was a package of jumbo-size condoms. Yikes!  What if he’s more than I can handle? (A&F answers) Hey Meredith, He’s probably just trying to convince himself that he’s big enough, he’s good enough, and gosh darn it, girls like him.  When you finally get down to business, I imagine his equipment will be perfectly manageable.  But if it really is that big, well, try having a shot of tequila and do some deep breathing exercises. Also included in the catalog are several profanity and obscenity laded interviews with actors, rock stars, rappers and other celebrities.  Of the 281 page catalog, only 98 pages are devoted to selling clothing. Listed below are descriptions of some of the full-page photographs featured in the A&F Back To School catalog: Page 14 Male wearing only jockey shorts which he is tugging down. Page 16-17 Three bare chested men, at least one in jockey shorts wrestling in a locker room. Page 19 Rear nudity – six completely nude males in a shower room. Page 22 Fictitious college news article replete with sexual innuendo and double entendre regarding antics of a fraternity and sorority. Page 25 Frontal nudity:  bare-breasted female wearing only underwear.  Two bare-chested males watch as she stands on coffee table in front of them and removes her shirt. Page 26-27 Partial nudity – female with blouse unbuttoned partially revealing her breasts.  She is sitting next to an apparently nude male lounging on a bed.  Gives the perception of sexual activity. Page 28-29 Another view of the photo from above with a second bare-chested male sitting on the floor next to the partially nude female and male on the bed. Page 30-31 A third photo of the same female and male on a bed together.  A close up shot of the females bare breast. Page 32 Topless female partially covering her breasts with her hand.  Her pants are pulled down revealing her underwear. Page 34-35 Male and female embracing on a bed.  Male is wearing only boxer shorts and socks. Page 41 Fictitious advertisement seeking male students for sexual research stating in part: “The biology department is now looking for able-bodied men ages 18-25 to partake in groundbreaking research.  All applicants must undergo multiple daily sessions of rigorous sexual exercises. Flexibility, distance and good rhythm are prerequisites.  References and /or exhibitions may be required.” Page 43 Two bare chested males with appears to be a female teacher/professor. Page 44-45 Young female  embracing and kissing a male who is apparently a teacher/professor. Page 46-47 Partially nude male lying across a desk in a classroom.  A female is kneeling beside him on the desk pulling down his boxer shorts. The male had been clothed with a shirt and tie giving the impression he could be a teacher/professor. Page 48-49 Close up shot of the same partially nude male as above lounging on the desk  clutching a note presumably from the female to call her on her cell phone. Page 52-53 Five males embracing females.  The males are squeezing the buttocks of the females. Page 55 Female lying on the ground with her top partially pulled up.  A male is standing over her, straddling her. Page 56-57 Two females lying on the ground embracing each other in a sensual manner. Page 77 Completely nude male holding a film reel in front of his private area. Page 80 Bare-chested males lying on the ground.  One male is sticking up his middle finger while another male video-tapes him. Page 81 Three females lying on the ground on top of each other.  One female is resting her head on the chest of another female and another female lies with her head on her crotch. Page 90 Completely nude male (wearing only boots) and holding a paint palate in front of his privates. Page 91 Topless female holding a sweatshirt and paint brushes in front of her breasts. Page 94-95 Completely nude male in an art class surrounded by females who are drawing him. Page 96 Rear nudity – completely nude male whose body is being fingered painted by a female. Page 99 Female frontal nudity and male rear nudity – completely nude female and male. Portions of their bodies are painted. Page 108-109 Male lying on a pool table with female lying on top between his legs while she kisses him.  They are surrounded by several people who are watching them. Page 110-111 Frontal and rear nudity – Three completely nude women splashing in a fountain.  Next to the photo is an article about skinny-dipping and streaking. Page 113 Completely nude female standing in a fountain. Page 114 Completely nude male playing football – rear nudity. Page 115 Frontal nudity – close up photo of topless female. Page 116-117 Completely nude female being chased by three completely nude males in a game of football. Page 118-119 Completely nude female and male. Page 120-121 Fully nude female lying on grass. CONTACT ABERCROMBIE & FITCH – It seems A&F has removed the complaint form they were providing online — We’ll be providing you updated contact devices as we have them.

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