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–From the Archives – Exact Date Unknown —

The pornographic catalog begins with 121 pages of full page, explicit photographs of nude, semi-nude and provocatively posed young people (teen-age/college student age). There are over 30 photos of nudity – both female and male. Page after page sends the message to their customer base – teenagers – of promiscuous sex and deviant behavior. Viewing the catalogue gives the feeling that you’ve just paged through a Playboy or Playgirl. Catalog Introduction: The Pleasure Principle: In psychoanalysis, the tendency or drive to achieve pleasure and avoid pain as the chief motivating force in behavior. Summer being our favorite time of the year and all, we’ve worked extra hard to bring you our best issue yet by letting the pleasure principle be our guide through the hottest months. First, we offer a sizzling pictorial to whet your appetite for the coming months. … So without further ado, slip into (or out of) that suit and let summer begin… Advertisements for A&F clothing do not begin until page 122 of the 280 page catalog. The catalog also includes 54 pages of articles and interviews – tied to the catalog’s theme of pleasure. The article entitled Ask A&F begins with: “Summertime’s here, and at A&F the living is easy. Long, hot, wet, sticky, sweaty, sexy and oh-so-pleasurable, it’s the season of baseball, bikinis and sex on the beach. What more could you ask for? Apparently a whole lot, judging from your letters. But we’re more than happy to take the time to towel off and lend you beach boys and summer girls a helping hand. Hot fun in the summertime is just an answer away.” DESCRIPTIONS OF PHOTOGRAPHS Page 4 Photo of topless female Page 10-11 Female lying between the legs of male, with two other males on top of her Page 14 Female wearing a tank top, but with outline of breasts clearly visible. The female is pressing against a bare-chested male, surrounded by other males. Page 22 Male rear nudity Page 24-25 Erotically posed photo of male kissing female in a pool Page 30-31 Completely nude male. Private area obscured by leg. Page 32 Female rear nudity Page 33 Photo of male nudity. Towel covering privates. Page 34 Topless female Page 40 Male rear nudity Page 42 Photo of two females embracing male Page 45 Topless female with arm across breasts Page 50 Photo of nude male covered in front by towel. Male is lying on lounge chair surrounded by several females Pages 57 Female nudity – breast and nipple partially exposed Page 58 Full frontal nudity – topless female Page 65 Male rear nudity and topless female with arms over breasts Page 66 Female with wet t-shirt. Breasts and nipples clearly visible Page 68 Male rear nudity Page 70 Male rear nudity Page 71 Photo depicting topless female, female with shirt open exposing breasts, and male with pants pulled down revealing buttocks – private area obscured. Page 72 Female nudity – breast exposed Page 81 Female pulling down underwear of male Page 82-83 Female softball team with their shorts pulled down revealing their underwear. Page 85 Female and male nudity -Nude female leaning over the back of a nude male. Page 88 Completely nude male revealing rear nudity. Page 106 Topless female Page 108-109 Three completely nude males. Rear nudity is shown. Page 111 Male rear nudity Page 112-113 Topless female sitting in the ocean with what appears to be nude male sitting in front of her – erotic pose Page 117 Topless female, wearing only panties. Page 118-119 Topless female and completely nude male and female walking into ocean – rear nudity. Page 120-121 Topless female and completely nude male and female lying together at the ocean – rear nudity Listed below are examples of questions asked and the advice given by A&F. Dear A&F, I’ve spent every break for the last four years of college at various beaches, getting drunk and stripping for the cameras, intent on making it into one of those Girls Gone Wild videos, so I can prove to my grand-kids that there grandmother was once a fun-loving babe. But this is my last summer before moving on to a real job, and yet I have still not made the cut. Any advice to guarantee me a place in the Coed Striptease Hall of Fame? Ilka, Myrtle Creek, OR Hey Ilka, We’ve done extensive research in this area, and we know the standards are very high. We suggest that you take a more aggressive stance and actually produce your own video with you and your friends. In our dogged determination to truly understand the medium of Girls Gone Wild cinema, we’ve made a few contacts of our own. So if you just send your video here, we are sure we can make you a star. Dear A&F, Me and my boyfriend just got home from our first year at different colleges. Instead of saying he loved me, he kept telling me stories about how two lesbians made out on his bed. He says he didn’t join in, but should I trust him? Mallory, Gallup, NM Hey Mallory, Sure! Tons of girls have made out in front of us, and we never lifted a finger. They tend to take care of that sort of thing themselves.

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