The Next Great Awakening

By: Kimberly Cargill




In this 41-day devotional, Terry Slachter asks the question, “When will the church begin to fervently pray for the next great awakening?” and then answers the question with five Biblical and historical answers. The author takes the reader back to the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries to study the Second Great Awakening in the United States. The decades leading up to the Second Great Awakening were one of the most immoral and godless times in our nation’s history. But God moved in powerful ways to awaken the church and transform the culture beginning in the year 1800. The author highlights some of the remarkable changes that occurred in both the church and in the young nation to encourage our present generation to keep praying fervently for the next great awakening. These historical facts present the reader with the following challenge: “If God was able to move in such powerful ways in one of the most godless times in our nation’s past, why should we doubt His ability to move once again in the 21st century?”

The author begins the book with an important introduction explaining what an awakening is while making an important distinction between it and “revivalism”. The author suggests that general awakenings or a great awakenings historically develop within five progressive stages.

As the reader works through each day, they will find brief historical snap-shots and moving biographies of people and events surrounding the Second Great Awakening. The reader will also develop a new understanding and appreciation of the many Bible passages which promise spiritual and moral revival in any age until Christ returns.

The author includes reflection questions, a prayer, and a daily Bible reading for each of the 41 days. There are also practical suggestions on how to establish prayer groups among pastors, church members, and even among fellow Christians living in the same cities or geographical areas.

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