Guard Election Integrity – Patrick Colbeck Event

By: Kimberly Cargill




Former NASA scientist and senator, Patrick Colbeck, spoke to a packed auditorium at American Decency in February 2023. He shared how he’s been using his gift of technology, his strong mind, and his love for our nation to tirelessly and thanklessly investigate the lack of election integrity and the evidence of election fraud since day one of the 2020 elections. He’s also been looking into the 2022 midterms as well. As a Christian, Patrick cares about truth, about our nation, and our freedom. Each day, more and more new evidence comes to light across the country.

Why bother? Because elections, even stolen ones, have consequences. As Patrick warns in his book, when people are placed in positions of authority within our government but they serve someone other than the American people, the following happens: “Our Constitution is gone. Our Bill of Rights is gone. Government of, by, and for the people is gone. This is why any attack on our election system by enemies foreign or domestic should be considered an act of war.”

It’s easy to believe that our small local elections are safe and secure, not like those big cities. But as Pat points out, there are very few local county clerks, understandably, that have a clue as to how the machines work and trust that things are as they should be. Many of them aren’t even aware that there are chips inside, how they function, or if they are compromised in any way. We need to bring our voting back to the 1800s.Watch the DVD to find out what that means.

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