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George Barna’s research indicates that one’s worldview is pretty much solidified by age thirteen. Parents are rising up all over America as they watch their child’s worldview, morality, sensibility and sense of morality, not to mention the parent’s own authority get hijacked by a public school system that has been corrupted by Marxist administrators and a government gone rogue in forcing its own worldview upon impressionable minds.

Parents/teachers who care deeply for their children/students are letting their voices be heard. “A Christian public school teacher resigned in front of her school board…to protest its embrace of what she calls ‘highly politicized agendas’ that contradict her beliefs. (Christian Post 8/12/21)” “Moms of Liberty” scour through newly adopted curriculum by Williamson County, Tennessee that teaches Critical Race Theory implicitly to their children grades K-5. (Epoch Times 7/22/21) “Scores of parents and citizens rallied to voice their disapproval of the board outside the school administration building” ahead of Loudoun County’s transgender policy adoption. (Epoch Times 8/11/21) We have been reporting on the concerned parents of Whitehall, MI whose school children have been exposed to pornography via email and strong coercion of LGBT propaganda during “Pride Week” at school.

Rhode Island mom, Nicole Salas is being sued by NEA (National Education Association) state and local chapters for asking what her school system was teaching about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Gender Theory. When contacting the school she was told several times by different people that these questions could only be answered by sending in a public record request, so she did. In turn, they attempted to humiliate her publically and eventually she was sued. When she was asked what her advice for parents who are concerned about what may be going on in their child’s school, she replied:

“Submit public records requests and specifically ask for the communications of union members with school officials and school employees. The teacher’s union is saying they want to have a push on critical race theory in a school district and if they’re going to participate in our children’s education, then their participation is subject to public disclosure and we should all be reading those emails.”

When Family Research Council’s Meg Kilgannon, Senior Fellow for Education Studies, was asked what she would say to parents who live in rural red parts of America who are thinking, “Thank God I don’t live in San Francisco, Loudoun County, or similar places, everything is fine here,” she responded thusly.

“I would say that you need to make sure that’s true. And I think you’ll be surprised when you investigate your school system. There are a lot of wonderful people in the public school system. There are fabulous teachers. Christians are in the public schools without a doubt. But the forces that control a place like Silicon Valley – that thinking, that ideology – are also very prevalent in education. The term “cultural Marxism” is a term that people talk about. That is the cultural mindset of people who are running universities and schools of education within universities that produce teachers, and certainly that impacts every school system. There are organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU who write letters all over the country to school systems in rural counties too. They say if you don’t adopt this pro-LGBT policy or if you don’t adopt this racially controversial policy we’re going to sue you. And in a rural system that doesn’t have a lot of resources, that’s a very real threat. The school system needs to hear from parents. They need to feel your support for them. Your worldview needs to be expressed in that environment; it is desperately needed.”

As a loving parent, grandparent, or concerned citizen, what are some things we should be doing?

First: Parents need to be the primary relationship in their child’s life. Make sure your child knows that they can talk to you about anything and that you love them and will love them, no matter what. Let them know why you take the stands you do and have real discussions with them.

Second: Decide. What is the line too far; what’s the deal breaker? At what point does a parent say, “My child is not going back there.”

Third: Recognize the lies, speak truth in their stead, and patiently teach your children to do likewise. Russian truth-teller, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, said, “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.” “In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category, but a pillar of the state. In breaking with the lie we are performing a moral act, not a political one, not one that can be punished by criminal law, but one that would immediately have an effect on our way of life.”

Fourth: Get on the school board and be vocal. Go to Family Research Council’s School Board Bootcamp to learn 1) what it’s like to serve; 2) the Issues: CRT, LGBTQ+, School Discipline; 3) How to Run a Campaign for Local Office; and 4) Other Ways to Serve: PACs, Parent Groups, & Recalls.

Fifth: Go through your local school’s curriculum and sit in the classroom. Listen to the instruction being given to your child. Take back the role of guardian.

Sixth: Realize you are not alone. There are many others who care about what is being taught; find them and stand together.

Seventh: Go to and use the resources there to help your children and others gain a Biblical worldview.

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