Battle for HIS Image
Author: Steve Huston  

American Decency Association (ADA) will be holding special events around West Michigan October 7-10, 2021. Don’t miss out; more information below!

What happens when the battlefield and the fighting that was “safely” on the other side of the country ends up in your own state, and worse yet, is on your own front porch, banging on your door? One thing is for sure, we don’t cower inside staying ill-informed; we don’t sit in silence hoping it will just move on down the road!

We, both as a culture and as Christians, are realizing more and more that the Obergefell decision and LGBTQ revolution aren’t way out there in California, NYC, or even just Chicago; it’s in local communities knocking on our front doors, communities like White Hall, Michigan, and likely in a community near you.

If one isn’t aware of what has been happening in Whitehall, there was a massive push of the LGBTQ agenda in this public school system that was forced upon unsuspecting students. Nearly each student from that area received an email with links that can only be described as inappropriate at best and pornographic at worse from the high school principal. This email contained very personal and sexual surveys and was supposed to be kept secretive from their parents. Many students felt uncomfortable and bullied by teachers and other students that were part of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) - a club in the school. When parents complained of different teachers and the hostile environment that was being created, it seemingly fell on deaf ears and the principal would not give excused absences to those who would not attend during “Pride Week.” From morning announcements to lunch time LGBTQ propaganda was spoken, shown, and given to these students.

This is not an isolated location; the GSA is all over the place and is bringing the battle to students throughout the nation. What could rightly be labeled as a battle for the mind (or for the soul, or sexuality) of our children would more accurately, and at its most basic foundation, be labeled as The Battle for HIS Image.

Each of us, our youth included, are created in the image of God (Imago Dei); it’s not something that we grow into, it’s what we are.The devil is using deception in an attempt to destroy that image. With the insecurity of youth, and the invasiveness, pervasiveness, and perverseness of the LGBTQ agenda through the mediums of television, social media, magazines, many of the schools, and even in some churches, parents and grandparents are shocked that their youth are identifying wrongly. These young people are being deceived by Satan as he attempts to destroy the image of God within them. Our battle is not against flesh and blood; but make no mistake, this is a battle for HIS image, a battle for our families, churches, and nation. By faith, the Word, and the power of Jesus’ blood we must do our part in helping to defeat deception.

Silence is NOT the answer; a clear and bold proclamation of the truth is desperately needed.  

For this reason we at American Decency are grateful to American Family Association (AFA) and producer M.D. Perkins for making and freely sharing the DVD In His Image. We are thankful that M.D. Perkins came to Michigan to share these truths at many venues. We are pleased to continue boldly proclaiming the freeing power of Jesus Christ by hosting the following events at which Stephen Black and Laura Leigh Stanlake will share their personal experiences of being set free from the bondage and deception of homosexuality and transgenderism.

More information is coming; plan to attend one of these events and become informed, encouraged, and emboldened:

Thurs. Oct. 7, 2021: Whitehall, Michigan (Location and time to be announced)

Fri. Oct. 8, 2021:  Oakhill EPC (1930 Leonard NE, Grand Rapids 49505) (Time to be announced)

Sat. Oct. 9, 2021: American Decency Building (203 E. Main St. Fremont, MI) (Time to be announced)

Sun. Oct. 10, 2021:  Location and time to be announced

Use this as an opportunity to shore up your family, your church, and your love for God. What an exciting opportunity to hear how God has worked in people’s lives to defeat deception and move them on to holiness. Invite others to join you and keep your eyes on your inbox to learn more in the days and weeks ahead!

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