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Author: Steve Huston  

The following is a letter from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Even though it strongly affects homeschoolers, it could easily be used to attack families across the board. Ask yourself, why suspend the rules in order to vote quickly? With the many things quickly changing during this administration and this congress, do we trust that those who would suspend the rules are doing so for our own good? We urge you to read HSLDA’s letter below and take action.

Congress has suspended the rules and plans to vote this afternoon on House of Representatives 485 (H.R. 485), a bill that will negatively impact many homeschool families. Contact your congressman to express your opinions on this critical issue.

H.R. 485, also known as “Stronger CAPTA,” is a reauthorization of the Child Abuse Protection and Treatment Act. While this bill addresses many very real concerns, and while the protection of our children is perhaps the most important duty of any society, it has a critical flaw.

Maggie McKneely, Federal Relations Liaison for HSLDA Action—our sister organization, dedicated to federal lobbying and political advocacy—has some in-depth analysis, but here is the big red flag:

This bill creates a national child abuse registry, one on which people can be placed without ever being convicted of a crime. HSLDA regularly handles cases where homeschool families had their names erroneously put onto state child abuse registries, and it poses a serious threat to their families. A national registry would only exacerbate this problem.

Please take a moment to contact your congressman on this important, nonpartisan issue. Our Legislative Action Centermakes doing so extremely simple, and every voice makes a difference.

We must protect our children, but we must not do it by endangering families’ reputations, livelihoods, and futures.

Will you help us and help homeschooling by protecting families? Contact your congressman through our Legislative Action Center!

Thank you for reading the above letter. As you can tell, time is of the essence. Contact your congressman now!

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