Countdown to Armageddon, Guest Post by Jim Simpson
Author: Jim Simpson  

By: Jim Simpson, Author of "The Red/Green Axis"


Countdown ClockThere are no words to adequately describe what is happening in our nation today. In fact, the rush of horrifying events and government misdeeds have become so frequent and overwhelming we have become numb to the shock. While each issue has its battle lines, whether it is voter integrity, free speech, education, crime, government spending, abortion or anything else, those battle lines have ceased to exist. In truth, it has always been one battle, but now it is obvious to all but the most willfully ignorant.


Pick any issue and the current state of play is jaw dropping.


Just one example. In 2015 the Supreme Court declared gay marriage not only an actual thing -- overturning thousands of years of human understanding -- but a legal right. The decision completely ignored state's rights and had no other constitutional justification. Justice Scalia said the decision lacked "even a thin veneer of law."


But the gay rights lobby was just getting started. I pointed out at the time that we would soon see pedophilia being rebranded as just another "alternative lifestyle." I was vilified by some "conservatives" at the time. Of course it is now being peddled that way. Those "conservatives" have become strangely silent.


But it is not new. President Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings advocated pederasty. The late Mass Rep. Gerry Studds carried on a relationship with an underage male page, including a taxpayer funded trip to Portugal in 1973. He was censured by Congress ten years later for raping a boy. No resignation, no fireworks. He was a Democrat, so no big deal.


Few people know that Nancy Pelosi once marched alongside Communist gay rights pioneer Harry Hay, then a member of NAM/BLA (the National Man/Boy Love Association). Hay has said:


It seems to me that in the gay community the people who should be running interference for NAM/BLA are the parents and friends of gays. Because if the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what 13-, 14-, and 15-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world.


But of course they haven't stopped there. Nineteen states and many more jurisdictions ban so-called "conversion therapy" which assists homosexuals in transitioning to a heterosexual lifestyle. So now they want to prevent you from going back at all! This counseling is even branded "pseudoscience" by Wikipedia. Democrats know a lot about that.


Now children are being indoctrinated into the insane transgender agenda, which includes carving out legal rights for children to undergo sex change operations without parental consent. The Obama administration attempted to impose transgender bathrooms on us all. Now, enshrined in an executive order by our new president, men who claim female "gender identity" can compete in female sports. Not a peep from "women's rights" groups, but say goodbye to female advancement in sports. Even the new Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. "Rachel" Levine, labels himself transgender. The obese man is a poster child for ill health.


All of these developments reflect a tidal wave of misinformation, misdirection, cultural confusion and further moral decay, and will lead to death and destruction. Youth suicides, which have already increased 57 percent nationwide over the past decade, will skyrocket.


Election storm clouds gathered early last year when, with passage of the CARES Act, Democrats obtained $400 million to assist states with mail-in voting. They claimed it was to make the election safer during the so-called pandemic. But Nancy Pelosi's Democrats had already called for nationwide mail-in voting with HR 1, the very first bill proposed in the Democrat-led House of Representatives following their 2018 victory. Mail-in voting facilitates widespread vote fraud, and combined with other illegal changes to swing state election procedures, delivered the White House and full control of Congress to Democrats. Fresh from their fraudulently obtained victory, Pelosi is now proposing HR 1 again under the absurd misnomer, the For the People Act.


In his first week in office, Joe Biden issued executive orders that will reverse most, if not all, of the tremendous gains we enjoyed under President Trump. Americans will lose hundreds of thousands of jobs, while taxes and prices will spike. The border will once again be flung wide open to all comers.


Does Biden really want to reverse the unprecedented economic gains made by minorities? Does he really want to sabotage the Keystone pipeline and make us dependent once again on foreign oil? Does he really want a flood of illegal aliens who will depress wages and job opportunities for millions of Americans?


The answer, of course, is yes. As Curtis Bowers explained in a recent American Decency interview, they do it all on purpose, "Every solution to every problem is carefully crafted in such a way, it will make the problem worse." With each new problem, the Left offers new solutions that simply further entrenches and grows government, while creating an underclass that will guarantee votes for Democrats.


With his Great Society proposal, President Lyndon Johnson promised, "Ill have those n*****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years. Yes, he used the "n" word. And he was right. In 1960, 58 percent of black voters were Democrats, 22 percent were Republicans and 20 percent were independents. By 1968, 92 percent were Democrats, 5 percent were independent and only three percent were Republicans. It has changed little until this past year, when 12 percent of blacks voted for President Trump. Some were paying attention, but unfortunately not enough.


One can express outrage only so much. And sometimes it is simply too outrageous to believe possible. It reminds me of a statement by Soviet leader Josef Stalin that, "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic." He was right. People can understand and relate to small numbers, but the large numbers are so fantastic that they seem unbelievable.


The same thing has happened today. Many people have a hard time believing our election was stolen before our eyes. We say to ourselves, "They couldn't possibly be that brazen!" and as a result, we reject out-of-hand the many claims that have been made. Those of us who see what is happening have gone numb. What do you say when even reporting vote fraud gets you suspended by Twitter and flagged by Facebook "fact" checkers?


Democrats and other political operatives that carried out the November election theft understand that they can get away with outrageous behavior precisely because it is outrageous. In fact they count on it. And for the people who actually report this stuff, we now are faced with almost airtight censorship.


The "climate change" agenda is similar. We hear there is a "consensus" of scientists who claim disastrous climate change is right around the corner. We absolutely must do something right now or we are doomed. Children in public school are being told the earth is going to die in 12 years unless we fix the problem. Some are panicking over this constant drumbeat. The more cynical among them ask: then why bother studying? Can we wrap our heads around the idea that our education establishment would inflict this terror on our own children if it weren't true?


Yes. They would, and have for decades. Why? Follow the money. You have doubtless heard that almost all scientists agree that manmade global warming is a problem. In one study, authors claimed to have surveyed over 10,000 “earth scientists,” finding that 97 percent agreed. Upon closer inspection however, one discovers that less than a third actually responded and that the survey was further stratified to analyze “climatologists who are active publishers on climate change.” That subset yielded only 77 respondents, 75 of whom responded positively to the question, “Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures?” The 97 percent figure was thus based on only 77 people. And most of those people had a vested interest in their answer, because if you refute the climate alarmists, you can forget further work.


Global warming is the greatest scam in history, or maybe was until this election. Politicians across the globe have become unimaginably rich supporting the idea of human-caused global warming. This has been going on for a while. In his book, "Throw Them All Out,"Peter Schweizer compiled a partial list of Democrat financial supporters who donated a total of $457,834 to either Obama’s 2008 campaign or to the Democratic Party. Companies run or invested in by these insiders subsequently received DOE grants and loans for $11.3 billion – a payoff rate of 25 thousand to 1.


When you examine new green energy companies, you will note that their leadership and/or board of directors includes many Democrat operatives with no experience in energy but with lots of connections. In other cases, as with Elon Musk, their companies directly benefit from campaign donations. Musk's electric car company, Tesla, could not survive without massive subsidies. All paid for by you and I. Below is a bigger list I compiled some years ago with data provided by Mr. Schweizer:



The Paris Climate accords will require the U.S. to shell out trillions of dollars to finance alternative energy like wind and solar. Those politicians who support it will become wealthy, while nations like Russia and China, which both put out more CO2 than the U.S. will contribute nothing and fix nothing. Already being used extensively in Europe, many nations are abandoning these expensive and unreliable energy sources. The politicians have already made their millions so they are less inclined to care.


Do we honestly believe the people that push these agendas have our best interests at heart? Do we believe they are ignorant of the facts? They of course always equivocate that we just haven't done enough. But doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity. So are the leftists who push these agendas insane?


Many years ago I wrote about the Cloward-Piven "Manufactured Crisis" strategy, which seeks to overwhelm the system with floods of demands. Glen Beck read my articles and used them as the basis for his series of shows on the subject. This is what we are witnessing today… on steroids.


Do I have any answers for all of this? We of course have to keep working to reverse our political fortunes. We have to keep speaking about what they are doing. Where possible we have to intercede on behalf of our children and our communities. I say "where possible" because as you know, a major component of their strategy is to silence and marginalize us. One top career CIA officer even said that domestic "extremism" should be treated as an insurgency and its adherents hunted down like al Qaeda. If he had identified Antifa/BLM as the domestic extremists, I would agree. But no, he is talking about us and makes that plain in an NPR interview. (NPR would not have interviewed him otherwise.)


So what is the most important thing to do right now? It is the most important thing we should be doing every day: pray. Pray for our nation. One of my favorite Gospel writers, Paul David Tripp, says we preach to ourselves constantly every day: "We either preach to ourselves a gospel of aloneness, poverty and inability or the true gospel of God's presence, power and constant provision… a gospel that produces fear and timidity or one that propels you with courage and hope."


This is a time that tries men's souls. We need to pray for strength, guidance and provision, and hope for a miracle. Because short of a miracle, we are going to lose our great nation.

James Simpson is an investigative journalist, businessman and former economist and budget examiner for the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Mr. Simpson's work has been published in the Washington Times, WorldNet Daily, American Thinker, Accuracy in Media, Breitbart, Fox Nation, Right Side News and many others. Jim is a regular contributor for as DC Independent Examiner.

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