Live stream for Michigan Senate Hearing on Vote Counting Issues
Author: Bill Johnson  

Live stream for Michigan Senate Hearing on Vote Counting Issues

The event is scheduled to start at 10:15 a.m. ET. NTD and The Epoch Times will live stream the full hearing.

Why the rally today at the Lansing Capitol?
Starts at 9 am

Majority Leader Shirkey stated a couple of weeks ago that he was not going to undermine the election that had occurred.  It was a chilling statement in the light of the many allegations made around the nation that the election was a fraud.   We at ADA sent an email encouraging people to express their concern regarding the lackadaisical manner in which Michigan leaders were operating.

A couple of days later the word went out that President Trump had invited Senator Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield to visit with him at the White House.    Our Michigan leaders were interviewed afterwards and they were very careful not to "tip their hand" as to whether their opinion had changed regarding whether they would certify the Michigan vote results or not.

The Michigan Senate and House are meeting today.  A evidentiary hearing is scheduled  as to the integrity or lack of integrity of the Michigan vote.  Due to the "wishy washy" response of Michigan leaders Shirkey and Chatfield, concerned citizens have scheduled a last minute rally;  concerned that Shirkey and Chatfield are  poised to ignore the explosion of information coming out of Wayne County and elsewhere around the nation that give clear evidence of fraud on numerous levels in America's November 3 presidential election.   See letter sent by several state reps and senators to Secretary of State Benson delineating a number of the concerns regarding the fraudulent November 3 election.

Nonetheless, going into the meetings scheduled for today many passionate Michigan citizens are deeply concerned that our leaders will cave to the wiles of secularism and the liberal left to avoid conflict.  The view is that our leaders will not respond justly for the people they represent unless they see firsthand the righteous indignation of Michigan citizens who fear that if "we the people" are forced into accepting a fixed, fraudulent election that we will never again have a fair, honest election and thereby lose our Constitutional Republic that many have laid down their lives for over many generations.

That is why the rally today.

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