Transition of Power
Author: Steve Huston  

It's more than a race for the highest office in the land; it's a race for the heartbeat of America. We will either beat socialism, corruption, and the deep state or America and her fundamental ideals of self-governance, freedom, and righteousness under God will be banished to nothing more than a historical footnote. We know it's spiritual warfare; but such warfare manifests itself in the physical realm. That realm is messy.

 Join us  Friday (10/30) at 7 PM at 203 E. Main in Fremont (American Decency building) to view this important documentary (TRUMP CARD) that helps us to understand the messy situation we are in. Such a film that exposes the dark may at times make us cringe; become educated in order to inform others anyhow.

We are days away from what might be termed the most contested, and consequential, Presidential election in modern American history.  We will either re-elect an "America first" President who has sacrificed personal wealth, safety, and reputation for the sake of America, her Constitution, and her citizenry or we will hand over the reins of this great nation to a candidate who has unethically grown his own personal wealth at America’s expense—leaving us vulnerable to our enemies abroad, desires to destroy our Constitutional Republic as we know it, and to enslave us with tyrannical bonds that would not soon be broken!

The looming question that comes from the Left and the media, which President Trump is constantly asked, is “Will you commit to a peaceful transition of power?”

Where does such a question come from? To start with, one must remember that the Left either signals what they are doing or what they plan to do through baseless accusation. Their propaganda arm (mainstream media) regurgitates it, and without thinking, others fall lockstep into place.

Charles “Sam” Faddis, former CIA Ops officer, describes how an attempt to stop the peaceful transition of presidential power in 2016 in an October 11, 2020 article entitled “Exclusive: Coup Plotters Considered Never Allowing Trump To Be Inaugurated.” The article, based on his interview with a former senior Department of Defense official from the Pentagon, can be read in its entirety at

Roughly one week after Donald Trump had been lawfully elected by the people of the United States of America, this official received a phone call through official channels, informing him that he had been named to be part of a committee whose purpose was to focus on the storyline and the timeline of the Russian-collusion narrative. One of the specific tasks of this committee was to look at delaying, not proceeding with, the inauguration of Donald Trump, to begin planning for the possibility of not transferring power to the president elect.

“At some point, this idea appears to have been dropped in favor of proceeding with the strategy of creating an impeachment narrative, but for months apparently there was significant discussion of the possibility of simply not handing over the Presidency to Donald Trump.” (AND Magazine)

Sam Faddis, in a recent interview with Frank Gaffney said, “I have zero evidence that anybody’s doing anything about it and this is maybe the most terrifying aspect of the environment we now live in. Which is, you watch what is happening with the Hunter Biden emails and the increasing evidence not just that Hunter was getting paid but that money was in all likelihood going into Joe Biden’s pockets; and yet, much of the media is just, ‘Nothing to see here.’ Just complete deafening silence, just killing it by not addressing it.”

What Sam draws from these things should cause us to sit up, take notice, and get on our knees pleading for mercy from almighty God. In his article he states, “When we have reached the point where an outgoing President and his subordinates are seriously planning not to hand over power to the President-Elect, we are standing on the precipice. This is no longer about partisan politics. This is about the very real possibility of losing our democracy.”

The Left’s transition of power was anything but peaceful. They have fought, lied, unethically and unlawfully undermined this president and the will of the people.

Obviously the Left miscalculated during the last election; they don’t intend to make that same mistake this time. We’ve already seen troubling news regarding voting practices. For example: “It is a small thing for California to come up with an extra 1-2 million votes. They do that with voter harvesting, or lax laws on non-citizen voting, or simply looking the other way on outright fraud. Judicial Watch uncovered ‘millions’ of extra registrants on voting rolls, most in California. Even after purging the rolls in response to court order, San Diego County still had 117% registration, meaning ‘they have more voter registrations than citizens living there and old enough to vote.’ According to Judicial Watch, there are 378 counties with 2.5 million registrations beyond the 100% of eligible citizens mark. Not surprisingly, these are primarily Democrat-controlled states. Across the United States, an average American registration rate is about 66.9%, so over 100% anywhere should be a massive red flag.” (Kevin Freeman’s blog)

As I wrote two years ago, “We are no longer one America with two different ways of doing things. We are now two different Americas with two differing sets of values, two antithetical systems of government, two polarized destinations, and two diametrically opposed views of the citizens of this ‘United’ States of America.

“…It’s a difference between the Constitutional Republic that our forefathers handed over to their people and a democratic socialism which will quickly slide into communism, destroying ‘this last and greatest bastion of freedom.’

“We have had a God-given reprieve under President Trump, but make no mistake; this is the battle that lies before us in November. It is a battle of historical importance; the future of our nation is at stake. The enemy fighting ‘Constitutional America’ never sleeps. When they win they march steadily along; when they lose they push forward as they are able. They take the war seriously, fighting for keeps.”

Win or lose, the Left will be a threat and continue to attack the Constitution and our freedoms through the Transition Integrity Project (TIP). Look it up, you really need to read it!

Whatever happens in the days that follow we must remember one very important thing. God is sovereign and He is the One who transfers power, regardless the machinations of men.


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