The Race IS On
Author: Steve Huston  

It’s more than a race for the highest office in the land; it’s a race for the heartbeat of America. We will either beat socialism, corruption, and the deep state or America and her fundamental ideals of self-governance, freedom, and righteousness under God will be banished to nothing more than a historical footnote. We know it’s spiritual warfare; but such warfare manifests itself in the physical realm. That realm is messy.

Join us today (Monday-10/26) or Wednesday (10/28) at 1 PM or Friday (10/30) at 7 PM at 203 E. Main in Fremont (American Decency building) to view this important documentary (TRUMP CARD) that helps us to understand the messy situation we are in. Such a film that exposes the dark may at times make us cringe; become educated in order to inform others anyhow.

When looking at the principles set before us in this election, it truly boils down to good vs. evil, life vs. death, and freedom vs. tyranny. Dinesh D’Souza, in his exceptional way, addresses the political, economical, and ideological stakes that our nation is facing in this present moment. “Trump Card” clearly brings into focus the lines that the media, the Left, and others have for so long tried to obfuscate.

This is a film we believe each person should see, regardless their political view. It’s not about loving a candidate; it’s about loving liberty and the founding principles our nation was built on.

We urge you to invite your friends, family, and church to any of the three showings we are offering this week. Encourage them to invite others. Regardless of where you fall on the Trump spectrum (love, hate, or somewhere in between), it’s important to understand the ideas of socialism, capitalism, and how they affect you. People should be aware of what’s really been going on in our government over the last four years, the last forty years, and even further.

THIS WEEK:  Monday (10/26) and Wednesday (10/28) at 1 PM, Friday (10/30) at 7 PM; come to the American Decency building in Fremont (203 E. Main) for TRUMP CARD. Bring some friends.

We are grateful to God that He has moved on the hearts and minds of our friends, showing us a little of what is inside them. Your notes of encouragement, prayers, and financial support mean so much to us; without them, we wouldn’t be able to do the important work that God has laid upon us. 

Won’t you prayerfully seek the Lord’s will to come alongside us again, supporting us in whatever manner you feel led? Thank you.

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