In His Image movie TOMORROW (10/16/20)
Author: Steve Huston  

Join us at 1 PM or 7 PM tomorrow—Friday, October 16, 2020—where the American Decency Association (ADA) (203 E. Main St. in Fremont) will be showing In His Image, the newest American Family Association (AFA) film.

This beautifully crafted film addresses the LGBTQ sexual revolution that has been marching headlong through our American institutions, but on a personal level; it does so in a tender, compassionate manner, while boldly proclaiming the truth of Scripture.In a day when sin and lawlessness are emboldened, it is good to hear righteousness strongly held up in a winsome manner.

In His Image compassionately deals with the very real hurt that these deceived souls are experiencing, pointing them to the only place they can find healing for their brokenness and pain. It’s the same place each of us must go to find wholeness and the true love that we seek, Jesus. Wholeness and healing is made possible only through His atoning, sacrificial work upon the cross. It’s the gospel that brings Light into our darkness and sense to our confusion as we repent from our sin, instead of being defined by it, and as our minds are renewed daily in submission to the Word of God.

Invite those who are hurting, those who are deceived, those who need encouragement, those who are seeking, and those who are looking for answers.As we watch those who have been, and are being, transformed into His image we can experience hope, joy, and comfort.

When you come to American Decency tomorrow at either 1 PM or 7 PM, you will also receive a free copy of the AFA Journal, which is a special edition of this movie. Let me share a short excerpt from Laura’s testimony that can be found in the journal’s pages. “I just want to encourage people to speak the truth in love even though it may be met with a lot of resistance. If you had spoken the truth in love to me back then, I probably would have bitten your head off verbally. But truth is so powerful even when it makes somebody angry.” As the saying goes, “Hurt people, hurt people.” Invite them regardless; continually speak truth in love to them anyhow.

Spread the word through social media and in person: American Decency—Tomorrow (10/16)—1 and 7 PM—AFA’s life-changing film, In His Image—Be There!

NEXT WEEK:  We will be showing Dinesh D’Souza’s new film “Trump Card.”
Times:next Tuesday (Oct. 20) at 1 PM, next Friday (Oct. 23) at 1 PM or 7 PM

This powerful film is a MUST SEE as we draw close to an election that will decide the future of America. “Trump Card” examines the ideas of socialism and capitalism, the state of politics in America, and how we can work together to stop the destructive arm of socialism from strangling the life out of America. Watch the trailer to this cutting edge film here.

Start inviting friends and family now.  Whether they are opposed, on the fence, or in favor of a Trump presidency, this film should be seen by them. At the very least it will offer something to think about and discussion fodder.

We are grateful to God that He has moved on the hearts and minds of our friends, showing us a little of what is inside them. Your notes of encouragement, prayers, and financial support mean so much to us; without them, we wouldn’t be able to do the important work that God has laid upon us. 

 Won’t you prayerfully seek the Lord’s will to come alongside us again, supporting us in whatever manner you feel led? Thank you.

 To support our efforts, please click here or mail your gift to American Decency Association (ADA), PO Box 202, Fremont, MI 49412

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