YOUR Vote is Important!
Author: Steve Huston  

Election time—November 3—a most important Presidential election takes place this year. The stakes are high, clear, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that the destiny of a nation hangs in the balances. Every citizen has a duty to vote; every Christian has a duty to vote righteously. In other words, our vote needs to align with those who best institute and stand for Biblical principles of life, liberty, self-governance, etc. To better understand this important topic click here.

There has been, and increasingly is, a Marx-Lenin-Mao communist agenda being thrust upon us.  Each vote counts and only you can give yours. Our form of government –a Constitutional Republic- puts every man on equal footing; a poor man’s vote counts as much as a rich man’s. Elections have consequences!  If we are not vigilant and diligent many of our rights will be stripped away from us!

You NEED to vote; vote your conscience; vote biblically.There are some who will say, “My vote doesn’t matter. One vote doesn’t really make a difference.” But one vote does matter; YOUR vote counts!  Although there are many amazing stories illustrating that one vote does count, let me tell you about an Indiana farmer by the name of Henry Shoemaker.

While in the fields on Election Day in 1836, Henry Shoemaker remembered he had to go vote to fulfill a promise he made to Madison Marsh, a candidate for state representative. Henry hopped on his horse and rode 12 miles to cast his one vote. As the polls were closing, Henry cast his homemade ballot (which in itself is an interesting story) for Mr. Marsh.

Marsh won by one vote, and after a lengthy recount (another very interesting story) it was determined that Henry Shoemaker’s one vote was the tiebreaker. At that time, prior to the 17th Amendment, U.S. Senators were selected by the state General Assembly rather than the popular vote. When the votes were tallied for Indiana’s next U.S. senator, Edward Hannegan won by a single vote – and that vote had been cast by State Representative Madison Marsh, who himself had won by one vote.

Four years later, Congress debated the option of declaring war with Mexico. A caucus of the Democratic senators, which comprised the majority, was called to determine which way they would vote, but the vote in the caucus was a tie. Then it was determined that one senator was not present - Edward Hannegan of Indiana. He was sent for and promptly voted “Aye” for war. It broke the tie, fixed the Democrats’ decision, and war was declared – by one vote. Senator Edward Hannegan of Indiana cast the deciding vote to engage in that military conflict. In the years that followed, the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California and parts of Colorado were added as U.S. territories. The most dramatic expansion of our borders since the Louisiana Purchase started when one Indiana farmer cast his one vote at his local polling place.

One more from the past:An article from tells how “The final vote in the ‘War of the Roses’ (women’s suffrage) came down to Harry Burn who reversed his anti-suffrage vote after receiving a plea from his mother.

As I said, “Elections have consequences;” one of those consequences in a presidential election is the type of judge that will be nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Are you aware that both our First and Second Amendment rights have been under attack and that the SCOTUS vote regarding those rights were only in America’s favor by ONE VOTE? Whether you knew that or not, I strongly encourage watching Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as he discusses these things with Mark Levin here. Whoever takes office after the November elections will play a decisive role in what kind of justices are appointed in SCOTUS and other federal courts; that will affect our nation in ways that can only be imagined.

There is MUCH at stake!  We urge you to learn about the candidates, both what they are saying and what they have done. Recognize that your vote will help to decide the direction of our country – will we move toward our Constitutional foundation of freedom and self-governance or will we move toward communism, a satanic system of destruction, slavery, and death? Prayerfully cast your vote; be at peace, trusting in God; and live righteously as we move into continued uncertain times.


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 Won’t you prayerfully seek the Lord’s will to come alongside us again, supporting us in whatever manner you feel led? Thank you.

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