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As Paul Revere rode through the countryside calling out patriots to fight for freedom, so we are calling out to liberty-loving individuals to show up EARLY to the Holland City Council meeting (270 S. River St. in Holland, Mi.) TONIGHT - Wednesday, August 19, for the final vote that is intended to greatly expand LGBTQ+ rights, while attacking your religious liberties and diminishing your rights. We pray that you are compelled to do likewise, urging others to show up TONIGHT!


BE AT CITY HALL AT 4:30PM to occupy the chamber space and the space immediately outside the chambers. The meeting starts at 6:30 PM and we previously asked you to be there at 5:30; BUT an LGBTQ+ group has encouraged their people to show up at 5 PM. (Out On The Lakeshore – bottom of the page)

You might think that showing up so early is really taxing your time. Depending on your age, you’ve probably waited in line for Black Friday shopping, for tickets to a movie, or some other event. Most of us have waited in Emergency Rooms or by the bedside of a sick loved one. Without demeaning these previous things, we need to realize that liberty is on life-support in many areas of our country and a couple hours of our time to protect our religious (and other) liberties is time well spent!

We URGE you; come to Holland City Hall(270 S. River St. in Holland, Mi.) TONIGHT at 4:30 PM or earlier. Bring a book, plan to spend time in prayer, bring a friend to chat with you, or spend your time calling others—JUST BE THERE EARLY!

To learn more about this liberty-threatening ordinance, the importance of telling others, or how to speak into this issue tonight click here or here.

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