Stand TONIGHT and Be Heard!!!
Author: Steve Huston  


Yes, this is late notice; but it’s not about convenience. It’s about the standing for the future of our communities; it’s about protecting the future of our family; it’s about speaking up for the future of our country; and it’s about glorifying God by standing on His Word! Show up for the Holland City Council meeting tonight! Go to 270 S. River St. in Holland, Mi. (across from the library). It starts at 5:30 but show up 30-45 minutes early—seating fills up fast!  It is vital that we fill those seats; many from the LGBT community are lining up to make sure their voices heard. If the tide be turned let it not be because we weren’t there in numbers.

“WHAT CAN WE DO?”We can’t help but ask ourselves this question when we see Leftist ideologies and the natural manifestation of troubles that come from those ideologies into our local communities. Like a wildfire they don’t stay confined to village limits; they move into surrounding communities. If you’ve ever shook your head in sadness or wonderment asking, “What can we do?” HERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO NOW!!!

The Holland City Council’s proposed changes for the Holland City Charter will dramatically increase LGBTQ rights, using the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act (MCL 37.2101 et seq.) and the Michigan Persons with Disabilities Act (MCL 37.1101. et seq.) to justify their proposed changes. (At the bottom of this email we will include some of the proposed changes.)

“What can we do?” The answer is two-fold and simple. SHOW UP and SPEAK OUT!

There have been those in the fight who can feel discouraged from time to time because they feel like they are standing alone—show up and be an encouragement to them. They have been showing up for you and your family’s welfare; stand up for your own family, church, community, and let your voice be heard! LGBTQ groups have repeatedly packed the City Council chambers and spoken in support of the proposed amendments; but the residents, businesses, churches, organizations, and other individuals and groups have not been adequately alerted and informed. Get the word out by email, word of mouth, or social media; URGE RESIDENTS, BUSINESS OWNERS, CHURCHES, AND ORGANIZATIONS to attend the City Council meetings and make their voices heard.


TONIGHT(August 12, 2020 at 5:30—seats fill up fast, come 30-45 minutes early) is a study session. This gives the city council an idea where this community stands. Show up tonight; BUT ALSO show up for the final vote (Wednesday, August 19 at 6:30 PM).  Again, come early; it’s expected that a large LGBTQ contingency will be present.

Some other actions you can take:

1.    Email your comments to the City Council at:

2.   If you know city council members, talk to them personally and clearly state your position on this issue.

3.   Write a Letter to the Editor opposing the proposed changes.

4.   Post a summary of this information on social media.

5.  Call your local radio station and expose the City Council's plan to change the Holland City Charter.

6.   Ask the local radio station to announce the next meeting on August 19. 

7.  Even if you don't feel comfortable speaking in public, please attend the next two City Council meetings.

8.  If you know any member of the TV, radio, or other branch of the media, share this information and encourage them to attend the meeting (August 19) where each council member will have to publicly voice their vote on this issue.

9.  Alert any business owners you know that will be affected by this ordinance.

The days for making our voice heard seem to be drawing to an end. If we do not take the opportunity to speak up while we can, the day of silence will come all the quicker. Plan to attend tonight’s meeting (5:30 PM) and also Wednesday, August 19 (6:30 PM). Be early! Spread the word and bring like-minded individuals with you. Read through the Declaration of Position, the Ordinance Hot Spots, and prepare with Talking Points.

It is vital that we fill those seats; many from the LGBT community are lining up to make sure their voices heard. If the tide be turned let it not be because we weren’t there in numbers.

As always, go to our Lord’s throne in prayer over this matter; He is sovereign. Go to battle in His armor, armed with Truth, and fulfilling your responsibility as a Christian citizen.


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