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Author: Bill Johnson  

Coming up Thursday (8/13/2020) will be another provocative Zoom interview that I am particularly looking forward to.  It is with Pastor Don McKay, Pastor at Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.    Pastor McKay is known for being a strong biblical preacher.    Prior to joining Bloomfield Hills Baptist in May, 2008 as the senior pastor, he served as the senior pastor of a Baptist church in Windsor, Ontario for 15 years where he gained national recognition for his stand against Islam. 

We will be talking about this spiritual battle and others and the serious implications for the body of Christ in America and worldwide, for that matter.  

The discussion will include:

- the decline of the church of God in our day
 - evidences of it
- what contributes to it

- The impact of the Muslim Brotherhood in America and in the greater Detroit area.

- Does CAIR (The Council in American Islamic Relations) really exist?   How aggressive is it?  Are you concerned that the American church has no clue?

- Is there a remedy?

Last week’s Zoom guest, Dick Manasseri, sang the praises of Pastor McKay for being particularly instrumental in discipling him in Biblical Christianity and faith in Jesus Christ.  McKay stood behind and beside Dick Manasseri in Dick’s significant efforts in developing the ministry “Shariah Crime Stoppers.”

Pastor McKay also opened up his church doors to other Christian activists and movers and shakers when many just look the other way.   Some of these individuals included leaders such as Philip Haney, Frank Gaffney, Farrah Prudence, Anni Cyrus and Trevor Loudon.

We will be talking about many other matters, as well, including the significance of truly having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Dr. McKay is the president of the Bloomfield Hills Institute for Theological Studies, a Bible school for lay people.  He has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Biola University, an M.A. in Theological Studies from Talbot Seminary (La Mirada, CA) and a Doctorate from Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA).  He and his wife have six children.


Zoom with us and Pastor Don McKay Thursday at 1:00 PM (EST).

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