Even Math Isn’t Safe from Marxism
Author: Chris Johnson  


In case you missed it, here is a link to yesterday’s Zoom interview between Bill Johnson and Dick of Shariah Crime Stoppers. This is one of the best Zoom discussions we’ve had, as Dick is a wealth of information regarding Islam, Shariah law, how it’s infiltrated our most trusted institutions, and the dangers that it represents to a freedom loving, constitutional America. This interview lays out a long and deep history; and one cannot help but feel a sense of appreciation for Dick’s work, his journey, and the number of people he names as fellow soldiers in the battle for truth and freedom. There is a deep sense of foreboding as Bill and Dick came to the end of the interview, as the warning to prepare was clearly sounded. After watching, one can hardly help but to feel stirred to vote, be aware, and pray for our nation. Don’t miss out; watch and share this link with others.

As we head into August, the focus of the minds of parents around the country is on how, or even whether, their kids will go back to school.

The even more important question they should be asking is if they go back to school, what will they be learning there?

Probably the foremost expert on Critical Race Theory on the right – although he would call himself a liberal – is James Lindsay. He’s the co-author of several books on the issue, conducted a sort of study or expose where he and colleagues, Helen Pluckrose and Peter Boghossian, submitted completely made-up and patently ridiculous papers to peer-reviewed leftwing scientific journals using all the Critical Theory buzzwords. Many were published and one even won an award.

Lindsay is also in the process of creating a “Social Justice Encyclopedia” and strangely enough, perhaps most importantly, he engages with this leftist ideology on Twitter.

Most recently, he’s been bringing attention to academics in the field of mathematics who are arguing that 2+2 does not always equal 4 and, in fact, we should not assume that it equals 4, and that when we assume that it equals 4, can you guess what ideology we are advancing?

If you guessed White Supremacy, go ahead and get yourself a treat.

Another Twitter user, @wokal_distance, shared a thread showing some examples, including ridiculous attempts to prove that 2+2 can equal 5 in the real world and revealing their strategy. Here is an abridged version of this user’s observations:

“Please notice the woke are NOT arguing that 2+2 always equals 5, nor do they argue that 2+2 never equals 4. The woke think there is no universally correct answer to 2+2 that is objectively true in all situations. They aren't FALSIFYING 2+2=4, they are DECONSTRUCTING it.

“How does deconstruction work? Deconstruction works by attacking at the level of MEANING. This means that words, ideas, concepts, discourses, art, texts, symbols; whatever is used to MEAN something or communicate gets deconstructed. Thus deconstruction "destabilizes meaning."

“Wokies destabilize meaning because when a things meaning is not stable, clear, and defined the meaning of the thing can be redefined and distorted. Then people can come to any conclusion they want about it…

“Woke people think racism, sexism, and bigotry are baked into the language and concepts we use. Since we think and communicate with language, if the language we use is inherently racist and sexist then our communication, and the ideas we communicate will be racist and sexist...

“This extends into Math. The woke argue objectivity and any either/or binary about truth (answers are either true or false) are part of white supremacy. Since math uses objectivity and thinks things can be either true or false, math is rooted in white supremacy.”

Here, @wokal_distance introduces Dr. Rochelle Guttierrez at the University of Illinois who thinks “math teachers need political knowledge, not just knowledge of teaching math” and “argues for a new form of mathematics where humans are no longer centered.” The post includes screenshots from her paper where she says, "the idea math can solve anything is a fallacy. She asks why math: 1. values logic over intuition and asks student to use logic instead of intuition, and 2. teaches people to critique reasoning rather then just appreciate it various reasoning attempts.” She suggests that “rather then learning ‘dominant math’ students might instead go outside the learn to appreciate the patterns in bird songs.” And, most stunningly for a tenured professor of education at a state school, she point blank says she’s not trying to get closer to “some absolute truth about the world.”

I’ve personally probably read scores of crazy stuff university professors and academics have said and done over the past few years. Everything from “you shouldn’t read to your kids because it furthers white privilege,” to hiring porn stars to host demonstrations during campus “sex week.”

Yet, somehow we were still surprised when the graduates of these “high ranking” universities showed up in the streets, accusing American society of atrocities while often being explicitly racist, hateful, and violent themselves.  The professor quoted above, by the way, is in the education department. She’s not just teaching people that math can’t solve anything and intuition is more important than logic; she’s teaching future teachers to teach those things.

Here’s how James Lindsay sums it up.What you need to understand about this "2+2=5" thing: This is an attempt to reorder how we decide what's true and what's morally right, and it depends upon people like you believing it must somehow be more reasonable than it sounds because it comes from caring, smart people.”

The question at hand is not whether 2+2 =4, it’s whether or not we have the right to tell the man who says 2+2=5 “YOU ARE WRONG.”

As the school year starts again, parents need to know what their kids are being taught. Incredibly, even simple math isn’t safe from Marxism.


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