You Say You Want a Revolution?
Author: Lisa Van Houten  


Immediately following the unjust death of George Floyd, our nation was momentarily more unified than perhaps at any time since 9-11. The collective outrage at the actions of one rogue police officer crossed political and racial divides. Yet in a blink of an eye we went from nearly unanimous national condemnation of that heinous act, to wit­nessing massive riots, violence, and looting in dozens of cities across the country, leav­ing millions stunned at what was occurring in our beloved America.

Are these just well-meaning young people who got caught up in their quest for social justice? Or is something more sinister oc­curring?

It’s become increasingly clear that what we’re seeing has little to do with racism; Mr. Floyd’s tragic death was just a useful tool. What’s taking place is a purposeful, planned Cultural Revolution. The simi­larities to Mao’s Cultural Revolution in 1966 are striking, so much so that many commentators are referring to the turmoil we’ve seen as neo-Maoist. In 1966, in an effort to expand his control of the Chinese Communist Party and eliminate his rivals, Mao Tse Tung instigated a revolution using the Chinese masses, particularly young people, to purge China of any remnants of capitalism and Chinese traditions.

Mao told the youth that China was being undermined by “bourgeois capitalists”- land owners, businessmen, teachers. He told them “to rebel is justified” and issued a di­rective for them to “clear away the evil habits of the old society.” Chinese young people, along with those in the working class, responded and were organized into the Red Guards, unleashing a decade of death and mayhem upon the nation. Garbed in red arm bands, the Red Guards roamed the streets attacking those they deemed to be “bourgeois” enemies. Those original “social justice warriors” went on rampages engaging in heinous acts of barbary and tor­ture, while destroying and stealing private property.

Sound familiar?  It’s eerily similar to what we’ve seen in recent weeks from radical Leftists. The Red Guards put the “privi­leged” on platforms and publicly humiliated them. In our culture the mob is seeking to force the “white privileged” and those in au­thority to kneel before them. Mao ordered security forces not to interfere with the Red Guards’ actions. Today we see leftist mayors prohibiting police from enforcing the law, ordering them to stand down as pri­vate property is looted, destroyed, and burned to the ground.

Mao also urged the Red Guards to eradicate the “four olds” - old ideas, old customs, old habits and old culture. The Red Guards destroyed Buddhist statues, ancient Chinese relics, shrines, and any emblem of their history. Today the mob is on a ram­page to destroy our nation’s historical mon­uments. There is no rhyme nor reason to their destruction. Their rage isn’t focused on Confederate Army generals, but rather on all of our history. They’ve torn down and defaced statues of a catholic saint, ab­olitionists, Union war heroes, and even Abraham Lincoln. The Tomb of the Un­known Soldier of the American Revolution in Philadelphia was vandalized with the words “committed genocide.” Statues of Christopher Columbus have been torn down or beheaded in numerous cities. A statue of Francis Scott Key, who wrote the national anthem, was destroyed and even statues of the father of our country are being targeted.

In China’s Cultural Revolution, millions were sent to “re-education camps.” In the U.S., the neo-Maoists have infiltrated every vestige of society and are using their posi­tions to “re-educate” and force compliance. As British commentator Brendan O’Neill writes: “We live in an era of intolerance and unreason. From higher education to the po­litical sphere, from the news media to activ­ist circles, PC censoriousness is rampant. New orthodoxies emerge with extraordinary speed and are enforced with rigour. Say the wrong thing on gender or race and you’re out. Question the gospel of genderfluidity, wonder out loud if ‘white privilege’ is really a thing, deny the truth of the End of Days foretold by climate change – you do all these things at your peril.”

Just as in China, many college students of today are the new “Red Guards,” fed a steady diet of Marxist ideology in universi­ties nationwide. Capitalism is evil and Western Civilization must be annihilated. As author Christina Hoff Sommers stated, “… Growing numbers of young Americans have been taught to think of [the] U.S. as an evil empire—a white-supremacist, patriar­chal hellscape.”

However, the Cultural Revolution’s quest to annihilate the “four olds” of America – our liberty, our history, the rule of law (i.e. the Constitution), and our Christian underpin­nings – is not merely student-led. Just as Mao was the puppeteer pulling the strings, there are powerful forces behind the scenes doing the same today, using “social justice warriors” to instigate anarchy.

Glenn Beck reports: “Antifa is far better organized, funded and dedicated than the apologists in the mainstream media would have you believe.” And at LifeSite News Gualberto Garcia Jones writes: “Just six days after President Trump won the 2016 election, the Democracy Alliance, a George Soros funded dark money organiza­tion made up of 110 billionaires, met … to formally organize the Resistance. … The story was published by Kenneth Vogel in the liberal Politico Magazine on November 14, 2016. The headline says it all: Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power.’… After four days of closed-door meetings, the Resistance army was formed.”

Since that time, the Left has relentlessly at­tacked the Trump administration, seeing him an obstacle to their schemes. Yet, just as with Mao, they ultimately plot in vain. (Ps. 2) As they seek to force us to kneel to their agenda, both figuratively and literally, we know that one day they will be the ones kneeling; and every tongue that now demands obedience to the darkness of this age, will confess that Christ is Lord.

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