Last Thursday’s zoom event
Author: Bill Johnson  

Here is the link from last Thursday's  Zoom meet

Last Thursday we had strike one; strike two; but not quite strike three.  Those on Zoom last Thursday expecting to hear Professor William Wagner with Salt and Light Global were likely disappointed as we began the program somewhat crippled with my (the moderator’s)  inability to get the computer microphone working, though I did get it going finally from my phone without video. That was strike one. Strike two was when Professor Wagner was unable to join us.

Ultimately, though, I don't believe we struck  out. Desiring to make the best of an awkward moment, I looked to our staff to field questions “off the cuff” – including some tough questions that I had especially prepared for Professor Wagner, a renowned constitutional lawyer.

Questions like: 

a. Does this Supreme Court decision allow transgenders to go to the gendered bathroom of their choice?
b. Will this force the hand of colleges and high school athletic programs to transform their athletic teams to include those of the opposite sex?
c. Does this ruling mean that Christian schools and colleges will have to hire homosexuals and transgendered individuals going against their statements of faith?
d. In what ways does this ruling affect the First Amendment going forward?
e. Is there anything we can do to confront this constitutionally?
f. What do you think Will Wagner meant when he stated about his ministry, Salt and Light Global:  “We are not too far away from shifting the focus of our ministry to just bringing the heart of Jesus to the culture and providing guidance on how to home church in the midst of persecution.”

We must have done okay as we received a very kindly and complimentary comment from a friend of this ministry who wrote:

I just finished watching this week’s zoom meeting and was thinking about how amazing it is that God has put together a group of people of the quality and commitment as you folks at the American Decency Association.  It is truly inspiring to watch these weekly meetings and to receive the monthly newsletters that are produced with such efficiency and high-quality by such a small number of people.  Not to mention the occasional email commentaries. You are Watchmen on the Wall.  I am convinced that it will take God‘s intervention in this situation, in some manner that we cannot even begin to think or imagine to rescue the Nation from these death throes.  God is a God of the impossible, but even if he chooses to let this nation disintegrate we know the Hope and the Promise that we have in Christ Jesus.  II Chronicles 7:13&14 is often quoted by the Church but seldom obeyed or understood.   If we (the Church) would faithfully and fervently practice this Scripture, I believe we would see a mighty move of God. Note what is happening at the sight where George Floyd was arrested.  Glory to GOD!  God Bless you all as you remain faithful to God’s call on your lives.  Who knew that from such a small acorn (Fremont) almighty oak  (ADA) would grow?

At ease, carry on,


Here is the link from last Thursday Zoom meet

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