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To participate in a timely discussion with nationally noted constitutional law expert, Professor William Wagner, either call us at: 231-924-4050 or email us at:

In a historic decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects gay, lesbian, and transgender employees from discrimination based on their “sexual orientation.” The ruling was 6-3, with Justice Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's first appointee to the court, writing the majority opinion. The opinion was joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and the court's four liberal justices. [NPR, 06.15.20]

The decision is widely considered as a massive overreach of judicial power with discouraging votes by Chief Justice John Roberts, who continues his leftward trend, accompanied by the “knife in the back” vote by Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Our featured speaker for tomorrow’s Zoom presentation (1:00 PM EST), Professor William Wagner, stated:  “[Monday’s] Supreme Court decision is devastating. It is the worst kind of judicial activism in that it, under the guise of originalism, allows an unelected court to amend a statute passed by an elected Congress who previously refused to amend it in the way the court did today.

"We still have to wait to see if the court will restore the first amendment right to religious liberty in a way that limits exercise of government power (eg enforcing title VII).

"We are not too far away from shifting the focus of our ministry to just bringing the heart of Jesus to the culture and providing guidance on how to home church in the midst of persecution.”

Likely discussion points include:

  • Does this decision allow transgenders to go to the gendered bathroom of their choice?
  • Will this force the hand of colleges and high school athletic programs to transform their athletic teams to include those of the opposite sex?
  • Does this ruling mean that Christian schools and colleges will have to hire homosexuals and transgendered individuals going against their statements of faith?
  • In what ways does this ruling affect the First Amendment going forward?
  • Is there anything we can do to confront this constitutionally?
  • Please explain your thoughts when you say.  “We are not too far away from shifting the focus of our ministry to just bringing the heart of Jesus to the culture and providing guidance on how to home church in the midst of persecution."

    To participate in this timely discussion with nationally noted Professor William Wagner either call us at: 231-924-4050 or email us at:


William (@Prof.WWJD) serves as President of Salt & Light Global and Editor-in-Chief of SLG Witness. Together, he and his bride Marilyn home educated their children. Prof. Wagner holds the academic rank of Distinguished Professor Emeritus (Law and Constitutional Governance) where, as a tenured professor, he received the Beattie Award for Teaching Excellence. A frequent speaker at world conferences, Professor Wagner has a special interest in building and preserving environments where Christians may share the Good News of Jesus, free from persecution and oppression.

Professor Wagner’s writing is published a number of articles, books, and other publications, including a national best seller (#1in its category). As lead amicus counsel a variety of matters before the United States Supreme Court, he authored briefs on behalf of various Christian organizations. He also authored written testimony, evidence, and briefs in such forums as the Swedish Supreme Court, the U.S. Congress, and the U.K. Parliament. He has further addressed many executive, legislative, parliamentary, and judicial audiences throughout the world, and presented at various diplomatic forums including the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Professor Wagner previously served in the United States Courts as a federal judge.

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